1. K

    Who wants to become a guest DJ on a Baha'i Radio?

    Hello all! My favorite Baha'i radiostation MyStar95 offers its listeners to become a guest DJ for 2 hours on a Friday night. Use this great opportunity to share the music you like and impress your friends. I've already filled out the form on their website, where I've picked 10 songs that I...
  2. N

    Any Hams? Amateur Radio?

    Just curious if there are any radio hams on here. Maybe we can try to communicate some time, if the sunspots are feeling generous :D
  3. arthra

    Radio Nur

    I've been listening to Radio Nur lately and it's so uplifting nad varied in music and programs! Worthy of our support. Here's the site: :wink :wink :wink - Art