1. M

    Is this real ? I've seen 3 people on facebook saying they've got an Galaxy s8 and Walmart gift cards by this.. I'm afraid to put my details there, do you think it's safe ? Thanks
  2. Y

    Real Eastern Orthodoxy is very similar to the Baha'i Faith

    Holy Orthodoxy, the sister Church of the Catholic Church, received a pretty bad showing on these forums as a result of some postings from our brother Iconodule that do not truly represent the Holy Orthodox Church :D The Catholic Church recognises all Orthodox saints as being Catholic saints, as...
  3. E

    Documentary real time of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's travels in North America

    239 Days in America | A Social Media Documentary Each day a new story :-)
  4. gusash

    Visualising God- A real problem of mine

    Now let me make this clear first up. I know that we are not meant to try and visualise Him. I have never actively "tried to" except before I was a Baha'i. My mother always taught me (she's not nor ever was a Baha'i) that the Creator wouldn't take on a human form. And that much, I think is pretty...
  5. M

    Let's get real about this religion and God thing

    Let’s get real with ourselves about this religion and God thing. Why are we attracted to religion or the idea of God? Is it to satisfy an intellectual curiosity, so we can acquire more knowledge, more answers, and thus feel better about ourselves, better equipped to confront others in our battle...
  6. arthra

    The real Temple is the very law of God

    Howard Colby Ives quoted Abdul-Baha at the Baha'i Temple Unity Convention on April 30th, 1912 "Among the institutes of the Holy Books is that of the foundation of the Divine Temple. This is conducive to unity and fellowship among men. The real Temple is the very Law of God, for to that all...
  7. arthra

    The real "Baptism"

    In the Baha'i Faith "Baptism" is a symbol of the Divine Teachings and so a ritual Baptism is not really necessary... " the heavenly Books, the divine counsels and commands have been compared to water. So, in the Qur'án it is said, "and we have caused a pure water to descend from heaven;"...