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    How to practise the law of 'reciting the verses of God every morn and eventide'?

    I'm having a hard time understanding what this refers to specifically. "Recite ye the verses of God every morn and eventide. Whoso faileth to recite them hath not been faithful to the Covenant of God and His Testament..." - Baha'u'llah 1. Does this involve both prayer and reading the Writings...
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    Jesus Resurrected by reciting Greatest Name

    Poem of Shaykh Bahai, 1622AD The great Prophets performed miracles through knowledge and recitation of the Mightiest Name. Noah, Jethro, Amram-`Imrān, Moses, Jesus and others are counted among these initiates by Shaykh Bahā'ī. در رمو&#1586...