1. tonyfish58

    Happy Ridvan

    May all be immersed in much joy on this the First Day of Ridvan BE175 Love to all Regards Tony
  2. AidanK

    Happy Ridvan one and all

    Dearly beloved brothers and sisters in Bahaullah , may I wish you all the joys and blessings of the most special Baha'i celebration when Bahaullah revealed Himself to His disciples just as Lord Jesus did in Gethsemene
  3. J

    Festival of Ridvan

    Behold a beautiful garden full of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each flower has a different charm, a peculiar beauty, its own delicious perfume and beautiful colour. The trees too, how varied are they in size, in growth, in foliage — and what different fruits they bear! Yet all these...
  4. Sen McGlinn

    Ridvan message, 2015

    The 2015 Ridvan message from the Universal House of Justice is available as plain html on the documents archive of my Bahai studies blog. It is also available as a pdf here. This year’s message, in seven paragraphs, refers to various signs that the moral force that sustains society has been...
  5. arthra


    :thumbsup: The significance of Ridvan Ridvan is the anniversary of Bahá'u'lláh's declaration of His prophetic mission to His followers. This details of this declaration remain mysterious. Shoghi Effendi comments that `The words Bahá'u'lláh actually uttered on that occasion, the manner of His...
  6. Sen McGlinn

    Ridvan message 2013

    The “Ridvan message” for 2013 is now available in English, on my Bahai studies blog
  7. Sen McGlinn

    Ridvan 2012

    The Persian translation of the Ridvan message is available. It announces plans for building two major Houses of Worship, in Congo and in Papua New Guinea, and a number of smaller Houses of Worship Battambang (Cambodia), Bihar Sharif (India), Matunda Soy (Kenya), Norte del Cauca (Colombia), and...
  8. RonPrice

    The Ridvan Message of 2011: A Context

    I have just completed a working draft of an essay entitled: The Ridvan Message of 2011: A Context. It can be located at: Ridvan Message 2011: A Context or Ron Price - Pioneering Over Five Epochs This second URL is my website and readers should scroll down to the relevant hyperlink in green...
  9. Sen McGlinn

    Ridvan message 2011

    The Ridvan message for 2011 is available on my blog, at Ridvan 2011 « Sen McGlinn's blog
  10. tonyfish58

    Ridvan Message from Prime Minister of Australia

    http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab331/Tony_Bristow-Stagg/PrimeMinister.jpg This is a great thing for the Faith :thumbsup: Regards Tony
  11. arthra

    The Ridvan Season

    Baha'is will be electing members of the Local Spiritual Assembly where they live in about three weeks from now.. The Feast of Ridwan is actually three days.. The First Day of Ridwan - April 21st, The Ninth Day of Ridvan - April 28th and THe Twelfth Day of Ridvan - May 2nd Three Holy Days...
  12. Livindesert

    Garden of Ridvan

    I am reading a short book on Baha'u'llah and have just passed the point where he spent 12 days in the Garden of Ridvan. I then decided to google the Garden to see it's status today. Turns out a medical teaching hospital now stands in it's place. At first I was a little upset that a building was...
  13. RonPrice

    Universal House of Justice Ridvan Message 2010: A Context

    I posted an introduction to the paradigmatic shift in the Baha’i community, the new culture of learning and growth that is at the heart of this paradigm, nearly three years ago. I did this posting at several internet sites and have revised that post in these last three years as developments in...
  14. arthra

    British PM sends Ridvan message to Baha'is:

    British prime minister sends Ridvan message to Baha'is 24 April 2009 LONDON — British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has sent a message to UK Baha'is to mark Ridvan, the most important Baha'i festival. In it he expressed his "respect and admiration" for the British Baha'i community which, he...
  15. arthra

    The Festival of Ridvan - A sacred time

    The Festival of Ridvan — the most sacred Baha'i holiday The Festival of Ridvan (Riz-wahn), celebrated from April 21 to May 2, commemorates the anniversary of Baha’u’llah’s declaration in 1863 that He was the Promised One of all earlier religions. The Ridvan period is...