1. gnat


    For long, I've been considering the Ruhi book series. I've felt that it goes too abruptly from Book 1, which takes a general approach to life and life after death, to Book 2 that more or less presupposes that the reader already has accepted the Faith. What I'm after is a series of books at the...
  2. J

    Ruhi book 1 discussion

    I'm using ruhi 1 to learn about the faith but I have no group near by and so am doing it alone. However I don't know all the answers and so have some questions. Every time I don't know an answer I'll come back and post it here. If anyone else is doing the same thing as me feel free to post here...
  3. L

    Ruhi available as free PDF's

    Can someone please help explain why the Ruhi books are not freely available as PDF files?? I actually found a site that has them, but it's not officially supposed to be available.
  4. G

    Ruhi Study Circles Purpose conflicts with my desire to LEARN about the Faith

    I am in a Ruhi Study Circle but wonder if it would be more honest to drop out. The reason is because last session, our leader told us the purpose of the study groups is to create human resources to serve and tell others about the Faith. My purpose in getting involved was to LEARN about the...
  5. Clex19

    Ruhi Book 1 question

    My family and I hosted an intensive Ruhi Book 1 youth meeting (participants were from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Puerto Rico), during which we started and completed the book in one and a half days. We did encounter one notably puzzling question during that time. Consultation took place, but...
  6. S

    Ruhi book 4

    Hello! I am (almost) done with book four and I need to ask you guys for examples for these two questions! Could anyone describe crises and victories the Faith has had in the past few decades? And can anyone describe some of the Opposition to the Faith right here in America and what results...
  7. S

    Ruhi 1

    Ruhi 1 Activity's Hello, Can anyone help me on the road with a few Activity's wich i can organize while doing an weekend of Intensive training with the Ruhi book 1? I was thinking about some Games? of fun sport activity's, maby something with arts aswell. And most important a fun way to learn...
  8. X

    The Bahai Faith and Consumer Ethics - Is it an Issue?

    An issue which has long been on my mind is the Bahai life, and its relation to consumer ethics. Most of us live within a capitalist and consumerist society. This includes most individual Bahai's and Bahai institiutions. Just to set the stage I'd like to offer some basic facts about our...
  9. J

    The Study Circle! (A "The Office" Parody)

    Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share this youtube video with everyone, It's about a first class of Ruhi book 1 but in the style of the office. Even if you haven't seen the office it's still funny: YouTube - The Study Circle (The Office Parody) Enjoy :)! Jen