1. N

    looking for motivation

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if someone could help me find any prayers about finding meaning in life and motivation to succeed. I’ve been feeling very nihilist of late and it’s taking a toll on my academics, I have exams in a couple of months and I want to do well but I’m just lacking the...
  2. tonyfish58

    Brilliant Star School Honiara

    Hello to all ;) This thread is devoted to the efforts of two Baha'is in the Solomon Islands, a Husband and Wife team that started a school based on the Baha'i Principals of Education in their local community. The Husband is a Trained Teacher and the school is currently in Henderson, near the...
  3. O

    Spreading the faith in school

    So, I am 17 years old and I have some friends that I want to introduce to the Faith but I've never done this before. Any help at all would be great :) I am a Baha'i by birth but I truly discovered the Faith only a few months ago. I also have exactly zero social skills, and I managed to gain...
  4. D

    school assigment: politics!

    Hello. I have been practising bahai since I was 15 years and I am now 17. I didn't grow up in a bahai family or around bahai people, so I don't always know who to discuss something with if I am unsure. In school, we have now an assigment. First to write about our dream society, and I don't...
  5. D

    Efforts to bring more girls to school highlight of Int'l Day of Girl Child

    "To mark the second International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF on Friday highlighted the power of innovation to get more girls in schools and improve the quality of learning for all children. Millions of girls are still out of school, including 31 million primary school aged girls who are...
  6. S

    Europe Welsh Bahá'í Summer School 2013

    Thursday 22nd August—Monday 26th August 2013 Link here: Summer School | WalesBahai (Seems like these regional forums are completely dead, so I'm going to just keep posting upcoming events here whenever I find them.)
  7. S

    Europe Irish Bahá'í Summer School 2013

    For those interested: 3rd August - 11th August 2013 Irish Bahá'í Summer School 2013
  8. N

    the school shooter was a bahai

    bahais like to shoot school kids
  9. arthra

    The "original" Bosch Baha'i School:

    Geyserville Bahá’í School and History From Bahá’í News, 1974, by Marzieh Gail Except when otherwise specified, the historical material in this article consists of conversation with John (in 1939) written down by me as he spoke, and of written information supplied by Louise. Tablets, letters...
  10. jayhawkins

    In need Help For A School Paper

    Hello, My name is Jay. I'm a college student and I have to do an assignment on a world religion and I chose the Baha'i Faith. However me not being a member of the Baha'i Faith I have not been able to find a person to interview about the religion. I called the office in my city and they told me...
  11. arthra

    Maxwell Baha'i School closing...

    Sad day but a lotof good came from the Maxwell Baha'i School: - Art
  12. arthra

    Peek at Maxwell Baha'i School:

    School teaches 'we' instead of 'me' SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada 2 July 2007 (BWNS) (Editor's note: This article is the first in an occasional series highlighting the types of programs being developed at Baha'i-inspired educational institutions.) *** It's only three words - a...