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    Is the Bahai faith just another sect of Islam?

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    What was the correct Islam sect before the bab?

    Out of curiosity... The shayki sect who predicted the bab was siyyid Kazim I'm guessing these were the most knowledgeable of the Muslims .. Did these guys pray 5x a day? How did there beliefs differ to modern Islam ? I'm curious if anyone has the answers
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    Golden Rule

    New blog of Nazarethan Baha'i Faith All are welcome to comment and have own opinion
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    Are we a Shia sect?

    On the Shia forum they spoke of Mohammad and Ali as being manifestations of God. I noted other similarities also
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    Bahai is a sect of Islam

    Is this true? I read Baha'i started a sect of Islam. Just google it.
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    bahai is just another sect of islam

    it is