1. Thomas

    Service at Close Proximity.

    I often wonder about the life and stories of those early belivers who served in the Holy Family's households. Individuals like the cook, the gardner, the amanuensis. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like if I was the gardner at the time of Baha'u'llah's stay at Bahji, or if I was...
  2. B

    Seek guidence/year of service

    Hello friends. Next year would be my apportunity to do a year of service. I am not sure wheter it is clever for me to do it in my life as it looks right now, I really want to turn to God for guidence, and I was wondering if you know any good prayers, or how do you do it when you seek for...
  3. D

    service through art?

    Hello! Im new to this website, so sorry if I posted in wrong forum. But I have a question about serving and proffesion. What is your opinion, is it possible to serve through art? It is AS powerful? Is it worth doing? I paint, and I've read some writings that say that making art is the same as...
  4. D

    Baha'i World News Service: UN calls on Iran to live up to its human rights promises

    UN calls on Iran to live up to its human rights promises 19 November 2013 'UNITED NATIONS — Today's vote expressing concern over Iran's continued human rights violations demonstrates that the international community will not be swayed by mere promises of improvement, said the Baha'i...
  5. D

    Man's merit lay in service

    "O peoples of the world! Forsake all evil, hold fast that which is good. Strive to be shining examples unto all mankind, and true reminders of the virtues of God amidst men. He that riseth to serve My Cause should manifest My wisdom, and bend every effort to banish ignorance from the earth. Be...
  6. D

    The Herald Sun: Birth of the Bab service at Baha’i Center

    The Herald Sun: Birth of the Bab service at Baha’i Center "DURHAM -- Bahá’ís in Durham invite the public to an observance of the Birth of the Báb at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Intercommunity Bahá’í Center, 5103 Revere Road. The Báb, who was born Oct. 20, 1819, in Shiraz, Persia (Iran), and whose...
  7. D

    Australia Inter-faith service for the International Day of Peace, Sat 28 Sept 7:30pm

    Special evening inter-faith service for the International Day of Peace, Saturday 28 September 7:30 pm at the Sydney Baha'i Temple: The service will feature readings from the sacred scriptures of the world's religions read by representatives of Sydney's major faith communities. It will also...
  8. arthra

    Baha'i reading at the Interfaith service

    John and Margo Woodall (Bahá’ís from Newtown, CT) read a passage from Abdu’l-Baha at the memorial service Sunday (December 16th) night, which was nationally televised on CNN. The entire memorial service is available from c-span: President Obama at Newtown, Connecticut Prayer Vigil - C-SPAN Video...
  9. J

    What sort of online service is best needed?

    I find myself a server and a desire to create a project for the community. However I am uncertain what sort of project I should create. I am uncertain if another forum with a more active moderating system in place is even wanted or something else entirely. So I ask you the community what sorts...
  10. P


    What does service mean to you? To me it means volunteering our time in some capacity but I struggle with finding a way to do that. Does Baha'u'llah suggest we should all quit our jobs and volunteer full time? I think that's probably a bad idea for many reasons. Commerce, economies, invention...
  11. A


    I know its written that if you fold a piece of paper at the best of your abilty,you are performing a service for God and man.Is thiis practical today? Are prfessions of more value than invisible menial work?
  12. arthra

    Peter Khan memorial service..

    I attended a memorial service today for Peter Khan (1936 - 2011) and learned he had lived in Australia awhile and was the first Muslim in Australia to become a Baha'i among other things.. If there are some Aussie friends or others who would like to share any remembrances of Peter Khan..please...
  13. S

    Youth Year of Service

    Hey guys. I am having an interview with the World Centre this sunday for a possibility year in Haifa! It is exciting for me to have such an opportunity. I was also offered to go to French Guiana as a youth volunteer for a year. I wanted some input on what to decide to to, if I have to make that...
  14. dancho

    Attended a Baha'i devotional service

    I attended a devotional service today--my first visit to a Baha'i group other than this forum.:) It was very pleasant and I enjoyed it. I'll be going back. I'm told that most "church activities" in this area are in the homes of individuals. It was also explained that the Baha'i faith is not...
  15. bwb

    Baha’i World News Service publishes special report on seven Iranian Baha’i leaders

    Baha’i World News Service publishes special report on seven Iranian Baha’i leaders Trial of Iran?s seven Baha?i leaders - Bahá'í World News Service
  16. G

    bahai definition of service ?

    Hello :) Just wanted to say thx for the answers I've received so far on the forum. Another question on my part : I have run into a reasonable number of Bahais to whom service means teaching the faith through ruhi classes, childrens classes, devotionals, etc. It seems like these activities, and...