1. Neal

    God has signs and attributes yet is indivisible

    Know thou that every created thing is a sign of the revelation of God. Each, according to its capacity, is, and will ever remain, a token of the Almighty. Inasmuch as He, the sovereign Lord of all, hath willed to reveal His sovereignty in the kingdom of names and attributes, each and every...
  2. Neal

    early signs of the Divine Philosopy?

    Is it possible that the "spiritual" realities and the material sciences could merge in the coming century? Are books such as Mind and Cosmos signs that the world is preparing itself for a new conception of existence?
  3. M

    Signs of the Second Coming

    As I was studying now a Baha'i website in Persian language, i found something interesting which made me want to ask a question now. there it was written that when Jesus Christ came as the prophet to guide human beings, many Jews failed to realize His holiness and His great mission. why? because...
  4. D

    Sen's Daily: Signs of hope for Baha'is in Iran

    Sen's Daily: Signs of hope for Baha'is in Iran Editorial, November 9, 2013 'On October 29, Ayatollah Seyyed Hussein Sadr ( آيتالله سيد حسين صدر ), whose voice carries considerable weight in the Shiah world, issued a fatwa stating that God has commanded us (Muslims) to have good relationships...
  5. cire perdue

    Signs of decadence in art

    This is a summary of decadence in art from THE CRISIS OF OUR AGE by Pitirim Sorokin. He says we are moving into an idealistic age from the past 6 centuries of sensate culture, being sensorily focused that reality is only what I can empirically prove to there is a reality beyond our senses. In...
  6. M

    The Four Signs Of The Hypocrite!

    In Hadith, Prophet Muhammad says: "Three are the signs of a hypocrite: When he speaks, he lies; when he makes a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted, he betrays his trust even if he observes Fasting, performs prayers and claims to be a believer.'' In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad...