1. joey473

    Is there an unforgivable sin in the Bahai religion?

    Hey, my fellow Baha'is! I have a good question to discuss. Is there an unforgivable sin in the Bahai religion? I read in Christianity that it's not taking God's name in vain. I read that God can forgive you for that. I read it was an evil person trying to rebel against God and discredit God and...
  2. joey473

    Was Jesus' death on the cross a sin offering or Not?

    What is the official Baha'i interpretation of Jesus' death on the cross? I was curious about Baha'is theology about this. Can someone please explain this to me:confused:
  3. joey473


    I'm new to the Baha'i religion and am studying it. I had a question. I read that the story of Adam and Eve was only symbolic and was never meant to be taking literally. So if the first sin never happened. Do we need to repent of our sins? Or am I misunderstanding Baha'i interpretation? Could...
  4. Y

    Is this a sin?

    If a certain topic has not been discussed in the scriptures and its a grey area and is passed on to the UHJ and they forbid it as an letter of advice and not enforce it as a law is it a sin to disagree with the decision until it's enforced as a law as I am aware we cannot deviate from the UHJ...
  5. N

    Dead IN Sin Or Dead TO Sin

    To be dead in sin and to be dead to sin, two different things. Both are identity truths. To be dead in sin is to be identified with the first Adam, Adam in rebellion. God chose to accomplish a person being declare righteous for them not by way of improved performance or sinful conduct...
  6. Neal

    Sin in the Baha'i Faith

    I will be sharing quotes from the official Baha'i Writings to showcase the true Baha'i understanding of sin. My hope is for us to uncover popular misconceptions in the Baha'i community on the matter.
  7. M

    I believe homosexuality is a worse sin than others.

    Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in our Baha'i faith. Which I agree, and has no room for movement where others would like. However it has been stated that homosexuality and other sins are equal. This is in none of the writings and for one to think that homosexuality is equal to alcohol or...
  8. J

    The Concept of Sin in the Baha’i Faith

    A nice explanation, by Dr. A. K. Merchant, of how Baha'is view sin, original sin, good and evil, and the Devil.
  9. S

    Is backbiting a greater sin than murder, adultery or drinking?

    Abha Dear One's, I have been reading a lot these days and one of the things that is troubling me is that if Backbiting is the greatest sin, then why we don't feel that sense of shame and humiliation when we backbite but if we see a Bahai drinking, we think it's a huge thing. At a personal...
  10. M

    Bahai Views on sin..

    Other than the Commandments.. what are the bahais views on sin..
  11. shathaway

    Original Sin

    What is the Baha'i view? This was posted on a Catholic forum. Sincerely, Steven J. Hathaway