1. tonyfish58

    Baha'is of Iran launch new web site

    What great news and I wish the Baha'is and People of Iran all the best in the year's to come. Baha'is of Iran website launches - Bahá'í World News Service Regards Tony
  2. gnat

    Lies on this Site

    I have become a rather irregular visitor to this site. The reason is that the site is not moderated. Lies are allowed - lies harmful to the Faith. I am very tolerant, and have greatly appreciated the tolerant attitude of this site. There are lots of people out there, who have all kinds of...
  3. N

    how can you tell if a site is official

    I found a nice website that has good links to prayers, and such, even has a printable declaration card. It doesn't seem to be linked to any covenant breakers, that i know of. Is there any way to tell if a web page is legit?
  4. BlinkeyBill

    Baha'i site on the net

    Dear friends, I would like to draw attention to my friends site on the net. He spends many hours assisting other Baha'is bringing the writings of Baha to the world. This site is his own but has some wonderful connections to works he has assisted and works of his own such as the pamphlets on...
  5. S

    New to the site

    Hello to you all. I am Matt, a grade 10 Iranian, born bahai. ever since my first children's class, I always took the bahai faith for granted. I thought, in my childhood "would it not be more productive to play video games then to come to children's class"? and in my middle school days I would...
  6. arthra

    Several videos on this one site....

    Actually there are eighteen videos available on this site! BahaiNationalCenter - YouTube
  7. S

    Site 'refuting' the Baha'i faith...

    أشهد أن لا إله إلاَّ الله و أشهد أن محمداً ر&# أشهد أ&#1606...
  8. A

    New to this site

    Hello to everyone out there. My name is Allyn and this is my first Baha'i site. I am a Christian and would really like to learn more about the faith: beliefs, and more importantly proof the Baha'u'llah is a prophet of God. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Thanks and blessings to...
  9. G

    So glad I found this site!

    Hey I'm a Baha'i and I live on planet Earth. I've been a Baha'i for 4 and a half years and I love it. Theres nothing in all the worlds of God that I'd trade for being a Baha'i. I have one enduring test that I picked up before I became a Baha'i and thats why I searched for this forum on Google...
  10. bwb

    New Mideast tunes web site by founder of "Muslim Network for Baha'i rights"

    "A new website dedicated to underground music from the Arab and Islamic world hopes to be a MySpace for musicians pushing for social change." In The Mideast, An Online Music Site With A Message : NPR 4 minute mp3 audio file of interview...
  11. asterias

    Allah-u-Abha all! New to site. . .

    . . . but Baha'i for a long time! I'm in the US. I'm enjoying reading the posts and looking forward to joining in on the conversations as time allows.