1. gnat

    Anyone Who Understands Russian? Anti-War Song

    For those who know Russian. One of the best anti-war songs ever: gnat
  2. World Student

    Visiting the N.American Mashriqu'l-Adhkár

    Alláh-u-Abhá Dear Friends, As a part of learning more about the Baha'i faith, I've been considering a visit to Chicago for a visit to the North American Temple. Has anyone done this before as a part of their conversion process? For me, I feel it is very important to see this site in person and...
  3. Khodrat

    A beautiful song I learned. . .

    I learned an African song that I thought was sung in Swahili but it looks like it was not. It may have been written in another African language but I was wondering if anyone have heard of it and may know which language it was or what it means. All I know is that it has Baha'u'llah in it. -Wei...
  4. arthra

    Even Seven Song Prayer:

    This is one of the most beaytiful song prayers I've seen.. See for yourself: Evin 7 Song Prayer, written by Phil Morrison & performed by Adesua - YouTube
  5. M

    Your favorite song? ... Genre?

    Well ... So many serious discussion going on here... Lets now see what's our favorite songs are!... No it doesn't have to be particularly a Baha'i song (it can be too ofcourse, but thats free of choice) ... But your own distinct favorite song?... It can be romantic... it can be soothing...
  6. L

    Favorite Baha'i song?

    For me, it would have to be: YouTube - Dawnbreaker Collective: "Son of Being" I can't help it, I come from a hip hop background and they have skill imo Close seconds would be: YouTube - Kiss the Rope (Tribute to Mona) and YouTube - "This Love" (Dedicated to the Baha'is in Iran) I am...
  7. L

    Kinda loving this song

    YouTube - "This Love" (Dedicated To The Bahais in Iran)
  8. Essence of GOD

    Beautiful Song

    This song makes me feel like God is talking to his people or us. YouTube - Imprints by Mahsa Vahdat and Mighty Sam McClain