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    Did bahaullahs revelation effect dead souls in the after life?

    The quran when talking to the followers of mohammad states several times the believers will be re compensated fully on the day of resurrection now bahaullah states the day of resserction is the coming of him but by this time the followers of the early days of mohammad have died 1400 years...
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    Demons, Jin, Human Souls, and Angels : A Theory

    I've been rather troubled lately. This is mainly to express my thoughts, in full honesty, for I've been troubled about this topic for a while. In this post I am going to try and present a case for spirituality. To clarify, I am going to talk about what some would call the "Spirit realm", or...
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    progression of souls after death

    Today I had a discussion with my father and my brother about progression of souls after death. for us, Baha'is it is something very clear and in fact the reverse cannot be even imagined. but it is not so for Muslims. my family do not know about my religion. they think I am a Muslim and IF they...