1. Rani

    That whole hugging / kissing thing

    Dear Friends, I wonder if I can write this succinctly but still get my message across. I feel really troubled by this entry below in Lights of Guidance, which I must have read two decades ago.: Now, I realise it starts out referencing a Pilgrim's note, however, Shoghi Effendi, through His...
  2. gnat

    Ever Seen a Bahá'í Doing a Thing Like This?

    We ask ourselves why our Faith grows so slowly. Look at this video. Ever seen a Bahá'í doing a thing like this? But that was exactly what the Master, our exemplar, did: give his own clothes to a poor man:
  3. Fadl

    There is no such thing as God

    There is no such thing as God, my friends. Discuss.
  4. BuddhistSeeker

    How exactly is me being a homosexual an inherently negative thing?

    I am a homosexual. I'm romantically, emotionally and physicially attracted to members of my gender. I'm also currently in a long term, monognomous relationship. He is the only person I've ever slept with; meaning I have never been promiscuous. I have never done drugs and I only drink socially (...
  5. T

    Why negativity is sometimes a good thing

    Hello everyone, I've decided to start sharing my significant spiritual realizations with the Baha'i forum to help spread understanding through the community I now consider myself a part of and to productively debate with people whose beliefs align with mine. I used to believe through logical...
  6. N

    A funny thing happened...

    Some years ago, I was approached by a couple of men with bright smiling faces. They ran to me excited like small giddy children. I instantly smiled as well. They held my hands which have tattoos on the wrist (something many christians frown upon) and said happily "These tattoos are...
  7. M

    Let's get real about this religion and God thing

    Let’s get real with ourselves about this religion and God thing. Why are we attracted to religion or the idea of God? Is it to satisfy an intellectual curiosity, so we can acquire more knowledge, more answers, and thus feel better about ourselves, better equipped to confront others in our battle...
  8. daniel

    Gotta ask... is there a such thing as free will??

    Back in my college days, my friends and I used to get into arguments over free will...whether or not it was real. Free will meaning having the ability to do something using your very own thought processes, not meaning that someone else influences any control on any decision you make. Perhaps...
  9. daniel

    Anyone doing the college thing?

    Jafar is back in school to get his Masters Degree in Philosophy. Anyone else back doing the college thing this year? Any faculty on the forum here?