1. S

    What is Your Favourite Thread?

    Greetings all! I hope you are all doing well - This is seemingly random, but while I was at work I had thought of an interesting idea. I initially wasn't sure whether to post this in general or off topic, but I figured since the vast majority of threads are Baha'i related it would better suit...
  2. Walrus

    Virtual Firesides & Virtual Deepenings Planning Thread

    An Idea for a Project Others here have given me an inspiration for a project... It starts with Yousefy's comment in one thread: I agree with this, since my preferred model of learning or studying would be the "deepening class" model, and the lady in my community who once organized such...
  3. CedarTree

    The Promised Meditation Thread!

    Hi everyone! So in "Buddha in Bahai Faith" we found out a lot of the users here practice meditation of some form :) I also promised I would detail some intermediate and advanced styles of meditation...
  4. N

    The Fast Thread 172 B.E.

    Thought I'd create a general thread for people to discuss the ongoing thread. Not so much to get bogged down in scriptural minutiae perhaps. There's plenty of that already. But we've got a 19 day month to get through, those of us doing it, so maybe here's a good way to share feelings...
  5. K

    Strange thread but I'm here to help - SLEEP!

    Friends, I've recently completed a sleep medicine program, and I would like to help my fellow friends here to get better sleep to contribute towards a significant reduction in inflammatory processes in the body which can cause pretty much any chronic disease. If you have questions let me...
  6. thefrog

    Thread of War

    There is no enemy, there is just thread, and this is just my threat d to you all. There's no good to find just one thread to war. So this is ya eternal plane of war to entry death by entry. This is the thread, and you armed by keyboard to enter, and this is the case, shelter and my white...
  7. L

    Explanation for Hidden Words thread

    I got some questions about the thread with 11 hidden words I posted this morning. Just wanted to share why I posted it. I'm just seeing how much I have given part of my heart to the stranger instead of to God, and it's just an intense realization. So I kept looking for those hidden words...
  8. L

    Spiritualization thread

    This thread is for everyone who wishes to discuss things we can do to purify our hearts and minds so that the grace of God can enter therein. I believe this is largely a matter of practical decisions to bring ourselves closer to God, not esoteric factors that we have no control over...
  9. LordOfGoblins

    the anti bahai view on gays thread...

    This is a thread to show my concern for the great numbers of Bahai views on gays threads that just keep popping up. Im getting tired of it? Why cant people just use the search option and add to the ones already existing? a search reveals there must be at least five of these already on the same...
  10. tonyfish58

    The Tit for Tat Thread

    This is for the people that want to undertake Tit for Tat comment :tape: You can Tit for Tat here into eternity :confused: You no longer have to do it in other threads :happy: Regards Tony
  11. B

    The Baha'i and religious humour thread

    Hi, I just thought I'd stop by to share some Baha'i and other religious humour that I've collected over the years. Here are a few Baha'i quotations about humour to start with: Most of those present at this luncheon party knew a little of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's life history, and, presumably, were...
  12. arthra

    New thread here on some music!

    I was really impressed with some Persian Baha'i music I found this mo0rning and wanted to share it... Go to: I liked the samples from the first CD and they sounded like chanted prayers! See if you agree w/me... - Art :) :) :)