1. D

    Guidance Concerning Time of Waking

    Is there any guidance in the writings concerning what time of day it is best to wake up (i.e. before sunrise, after sunrise, etc.) or to avoid sleeping during the day?
  2. K

    Time Travel possible?

    Please check the following quote and link and commet does time travel possible according to bahai faith? O servant of Bahá! Be self-sacrificing in the path of God, and wing thy flight unto the heavens of the love of the Abhá Beauty, for any movement animated by love moveth from the periphery to...
  3. gnat

    A Hard Time for Many Bahá'ís

    Many Bahá'ís have identified the liberal, political New World Order with our New World Order. That tendency has been quite strong for several decades. Now, when the present world order is at stake, there is a rather strong bad mood among Bahá'ís. Well, free trade and the present arrangements for...
  4. gnat

    For the first time...

    ...I have seen a crooked judge in action, consciously writing false minutes of court proceedings, intended to put away an innocent person in jail för several years, bereaving children of their father. I reacted immediately, most probably stopping this disgusting plot, but I am sad, immensely sad...
  5. K

    Time aspect of Prayer

    Hi all, Some time ago someone told a story. He said that someone was driving a car and the breaks failed. He prayed and a short distance ahead, there was a ramp he drove up on and stopped. So the idea was that God knew he would pray and had somehow a ramp built many years ago. An equally...
  6. BlinkeyBill

    It is Time

    Let us subject the traditional interpretation of verses 10:47-49 to further tests of reason. The verses that refer to the termination of the life of every “ummah” also predict that the appointed time of their death will arrive at a precise “hour.” There are now over 200 nations and dependencies...
  7. M

    It's Time!

    I feel the BF is still reeling from the fiasco of the door to door promotion of the BF in the 1970's and we must, 'Get Over It!' It's time to start National education of the American and Canadian people. Place Ad's in certain magazines and newspapers and maybe during certain programing over...
  8. D

    Time and Place Prophecies

    As someone has requested this subject to be discussed (on another thread), it seems as though a new thread dedicated just to prophecies linking the Baha'i Faith to that of past religions would be more appropriate than hitchhiking on a different thread. Although much of this stuff has been...
  9. N

    Trends in Baha'i Administration over time

    As someone still new to the faith (hope the fast is going well, everyone!) and someone who has always been interested in history and political theory, I wonder if persons can describe at a practicable level how Baha'i democracy works in practice. I never really paid much attention to this aspect...
  10. Y

    Pope Francis Named Time Person Of The Year

    Pope Francis Named Time Person Of The Year
  11. D

    It's Time to Challenge the historicity of Jesus

    I am sorry I deleted this it is not very kind and hurts peoples hearts
  12. D

    NR:From the pulpit: Take a daily account to ensure time is meaningfully spent

    From the pulpit: Take a daily account to ensure time is meaningfully spent Cynthia Keys 'The wise poet Mark Nepo wrote, “You must meet the outer world with your inner world or existence will crush you.” What an interesting concept, especially for people whose culture relentlessly distracts...
  13. L

    Having a hard time with my faith

    Hello all. I became a Bahai in Jan 2012. It has changed my life in remarkable ways and truly a treasure I could never give back. I have noticed a change in myself and so have others who have told me. I try my best to be compassionate to all who cross my path and treat all of the lords creatures...
  14. tonyfish58

    The time of the end is near? 27 May

    Found another site dedicated to a decaying world. Just came across this book - 2008 - God's Final Witness The Prophesied End-Time Revealed: 2008 - God's Final Witness This person has claims to being a prophet and is using revelation as the basis of His prophesy's. I just thought it...
  15. E

    Documentary real time of 'Abdu'l-Bahá's travels in North America

    239 Days in America | A Social Media Documentary Each day a new story :-)
  16. I

    Asia Baha'i holy writings made widely available to Korean public for first time

    Baha'i holy writings made widely available to Korean public for first time - Bahá'í World News Service
  17. Rani

    and out of (Earth) will We bring you forth a second time

    Dear Friends, I simply wanted to ask everyone if they understand what this verse means when it says that from 'Earth we will bring you forth a second time. I don't believe in reincarnation, but I thought that some people might read it that way. Any thoughts on the interpretation of this...
  18. Y

    Warp Speed and Time Travel to Past and Future might now be possible!

    ...Well, within the realms of possibility - not obviously in this decade but certainly in the future! I can't quite comprehend myself the ramifications of this scientific discovery. It is confirmed by subsequent tests (Ie if they also receive positive results) then the world of physics has...
  19. arthra

    The Festival of Ridvan - A sacred time

    The Festival of Ridvan — the most sacred Baha'i holiday The Festival of Ridvan (Riz-wahn), celebrated from April 21 to May 2, commemorates the anniversary of Baha’u’llah’s declaration in 1863 that He was the Promised One of all earlier religions. The Ridvan period is...
  20. M

    Did Baha'u'llah reveal any new science at the time of his coming?

    Specifically things that weren't proven by scientists until after his time. Thanks in advance!