1. A

    Help with translation into Russian?

    We’ve almost done with our collection of biographies of the Hands of the Cause of God. We just need a few remaining texts in Russian. For example, we still need bios of Mirza 'Alí-Muhammad Varqá, John Henry Hyde Dunn, Leroy C. Ioas and William Sears. Please, show this post to your...
  2. T

    Translations of Writings

    On a forum I post on which is comprised of both believers and nonbelievers, I have been told by a Jewish poster that I have not independently investigated the Baha’i Faith as we Baha’is are told to do because I have only read the “Authoritative Writings” of the Baha’i Faith. I have been told...
  3. ahanu

    Kashkul, a website with Baha'i translations

    After searching for some new material on the Writings, I stumbled on a website called Kashkul. Here's the author's description of this blog: Kashkúl is an anthology of Shaykhi, Babi, and Baha’i writings not familiar to English-speakers. A kashkul is an alms bowl, such as the one used by...
  4. Walrus

    Anyone have English translations of the Bab's Scriptures??

    Wondering if anyone can point me to English-language translations of some of the Bab's books (not just "Excerpts" but full books). I've read Bible, Pentateuch, and Koran. I'm working on the Gita and occasionally I attempt the Avesta. But it bugs me that I can't get a hold of the Bayan in a...
  5. P

    Other Translations of Scripture?

    I was wondering if there are any other translations of Bahá'í scripture, as in, some that would be easier to read from a teenager's perspective? Thanks in advance, -Cole. (:
  6. Y

    Are there any other English translations of the Writings?

    Are the only English versions of the Baha'i Writings the ones translated by Shoghi Effendi in the "KJV Old English" style? Shoghi Effendi was a very prolific writer and loved the English language and he translated Baha'u'llah's words into a most beautiful, timeless, haunting and powerful prose...