1. Y

    Internet lies or truth?

    I came across a site saying abdul baha resorted to violence on occasions but him being the perfect exemplar I dont know what to make of it .. Hope someone can help and clear my juggled mind .. one quotation on the website is One day in the birúní[outer section] of the blessed House of Haifa...
  2. B

    Sad truth about Revelation 8:10-11

    Maybe Chernobyl is Wormwood, read article - Chernobyl: The Taste of Wormwood
  3. Romane

    leaving for speaking the truth

    This portion of the quote seems, to these eyes, to be relevant to this current news item - this link to the ABC, Australia: US professor who said Christians and Muslims 'worship the same God' to leave school - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) And now, for the full quote, of which...
  4. Y

    Pope Francis Slams Fundamentalist Catholics Who Believe in 'Absolute Truth'

    Pope Francis Slams Fundamentalist Catholics Who Believe in 'Absolute Truth' He admitted that he is not sure of the outcome of the conference, "but I can say this, it's now or never."
  5. Romane

    The Department of Truth

    All my beloved friends There is a new book published very recently under the title which is the subject line of this post. Though fiction, the story is written by a Baha'i and incorporates Baha'i concepts. I have heard nothing but good so far regards the volume. It is available in both...
  6. BlinkeyBill

    The Truth of God and His message can be forced on none

    Bahá’u’lláh had immediately and without question accepted the Bab’s station, and arose to proclaim His message. That He was the promised one, The Qa‘im, and the Herald of One to come who was greater than He. Eager to share this message with all around Him, He set off on horseback across the...
  7. D

    I have risen to proclaim the Truth

    End that hath no end = End that is not followed by a beginning - it is the end of all ends and beginnings "The end of all beginnings is to be found in this Day: Turn ye not a blind eye unto it." "Say, He is that End for Whom no end in all the universe can be imagined, and for Whom no beginning...
  8. D

    Contradition is Truth

    Provisionally translated: "Research and listen with your own ears and see with your own eyes." - Baha'u'llah "Do not see anything but Me and do not listen to anything other than what I say." - Baha'u'llah "He (referring to Himself) is born on this Day [November 12 1817] who cannot be born."...
  9. Sarastro

    A seeker of truth...

    Hello, I am a young man interested in spirituality and religion. My own background is Catholic and I am a student of theology and religious studies. For a longer time I've had a great interest in Islam, especially Shia. And my studies led me to sufism and from sufism to the Bahá'í Faith. I've...
  10. M

    A Muslim seeker of truth

    A French Muslim Sunni seeker of truth Assalamu 'alaykoum, I'm Muslim Sunni. I worship Allah and I follow the Messenger of Allah, Mouhammad, sallallahou 'alayhi wa sallam since 10 years. Even if I believe to the Islam, I always like to read the Holy Books, like the Gospel, the Tawrat. I respect...
  11. M

    A Muslim Sunni Seeker Of Truth

    Assalamu 'alaykoum, I'm a muslim sunni. I'm from France, so my english is not so good. There's not a forum like this in french websites... I'm here, because I have some questions about Baha'i Faith. I'm sure you can help me. I will open a thread, in sha Allah. Assalamu 'alaykoum
  12. G

    Seeking Truth

    Hello everyone, I am a student who has been interested in the faith for about a year. I've been trying to do as much research as I can before I jump in with both feet. I would really like to have some of my questions cleared up, so I'm trying this forum. While researching I saw that having an...
  13. R

    Questions from a Muslim friend seeking truth

    Abha every body, I am a born Bahai but sadly I know less about the faith to answer my friends :( , I have a Muslim friend who says that I believe that mehdi and masi are going to come but she doesn't think that Bab and Bahaullah are really them and says that they are fake. According to her at...
  14. BlinkeyBill

    Some different Comments on Truth

    Some quotes re Truth. Blaise Pascal: We know the truth, not only by the reason, but by the heart. Buddha: Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. Believe...
  15. TheThinker

    One Truth

    I randomly found this on YouTube, and I thought it would be kind of good for you guys Globus - One Truth (Lyrics) [1080p HD] (Break From This World) - YouTube
  16. WanRod

    Short reflection on the indipendent investigation of truth

    Hi everyone I remember an email sent to me by an italian baha'i, and I would like to discuss about it with you. Me and this follower of the Baha'i faith were discussing about the indipendent investigation of truth, and his position seemed to be a bit contradictory. Infact, he said that he...
  17. M

    [ He ] the Spirit of Truth

    John 16-12--- I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. 13 Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will * shew you things to come. *...
  18. R

    Anxiety and the investigation of the truth

    could a side-effect of investigation the truth be anxiety. In particular, existential anxiety or derealization?
  19. B

    What is truth?

    I am a middle-aged cradle Catholic Christian who is challenging his long-held beliefs and practices. I do not have any theological problems with my faith perse, however how the church applies the faith in matters of the faith gives me reason to pause. I think of the scripture that says to the...
  20. S

    Independent search for the truth?

    Hi guys, So I was born a bahai and I realized I had never done my own search for the truth. Now I am looking at the faith with new eyes if you will. It is raising some questions and I cannot find any answers. For examples, my whole like I believed "the soul has its origins in the spiritual...