1. T

    Women on the UHJ

    Does anyone have any ideas what I can say to a nonbeliever who thinks that the Baha'i Faith is harmful and anti-human because it excludes women from the UHJ? He says we exclude half the human population from leadership roles but of course he does not understand that women are only excluded from...
  2. A

    Help needed with finding a text of UHJ

    Recently a compilation Teaching Prominent People has been translated into Russian. It was compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice in September 1990. For translation was used electronic version of the text. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have foreword of the Universal...
  3. Y

    UHJ not following Bahaullah and Abdul bahais adultery law

    UHJ and adultery law Im sure Bahaullah and abdul baha have stated that adultery will nullify the year of patience and the financial support so wondering why the UHJ don't follow what they wrote
  4. T

    Is the UHJ salaried?

    I was asked by a nonbeliever whether the UHJ gets a salary... Does anyone know? What about the NSAs, do they get paid?
  5. gnat

    Quote From the 1 March Message of the UHJ

    Every choice a Baha'i makes--as employee or employer, producer or consumer, borrower or lender, benefactor or beneficiary--leaves a trace, and the moral duty to lead a coherent life demands that one's economic decisions be in accordance with lofty ideals, that the purity of one's aims be matched...
  6. I

    Comparison of Station of Abdulbaha, Shoghi Effendi and UHJ

    As you are well aware, an essential element of the Covenant of Bahá'u'lláh is the acceptance of the infallibility of the Guardian. In response to questions about this matter, a letter written on his behalf in 1944 stated: The infallibility of the Guardian is confined to matters which are...
  7. Sen McGlinn

    UHJ makes 3 decisions affect the Bahai calendar

    The Universal House of Justice has released a letter detailing three decisions that will allow for the uniform implementation of the Bahai calendar (aka the Badi` calendar) with effect from March 21, 2015. The first decision is that Tehran "will be the spot on the earth that will serve as the...
  8. Sen McGlinn

    Naw Ruz greetings from the Universal House of Justice

    The Universal House of Justice has sent Naw Ruz greetings to the Bahais living in Iran, and to “all the pure spirits among the people of Iran.” The message compares the spring season to the spiritual spring, brought by the Bab and Baha’u'llah, which promises the collective maturity of the human...
  9. Sen McGlinn

    UHJ letter on political engagement

    The Universal House of Justice has addressed a letter to the Baha’is of Iran, which has been released in both Persian and English versions. It sets out “the posture held by Baha’is everywhere towards political activity,” within the framework of a vision statement on...
  10. ConureDelSol

    Liberal/Reformist vs Conservative Baha'i?

    Are there variations in the Baha'i faith that tend to be more liberal or conservative? If so, what do they believe differently from the other? Also, I've read a little about the Universal House of Justice. Is it true that if a Baha'i doesn't believe in their decisions and such that they can...
  11. A

    should women sit on UHJ

    As our beloved faith extols the breaking down of barriers will the tradition of a male UHJ ever change? Should it chamge?
  12. Sen McGlinn

    Two new UHJ messages

    At the beginning and end of the meeting of Continental Counsellors in the Holy land, the Universal House of Justice released two letters: the first a long and detailed evaluation addressed to the Counsellors, the second a short letter addressed to the Bahai World. I have them on my blog at UHJ...
  13. bwb

    Chaste and holy life - UHJ Dec. 28, 2010 message

    "No less pertinent to the success of the Baha'i enterprise today are the Guardian's forthright comments on the importance of a chaste and holy life, "with its implications of modesty, purity, temperance, decency, and clean- mindedness". He was unequivocal in his language, summoning the...
  14. bwb

    Rectitude of conduct - UHJ Dec. 28, 2010 message

    "Referring to rectitude of conduct, Shoghi Effendi spoke of the "justice, equity, truthfulness, honesty, fair-mindedness, reliability, and trustworthiness" that must "distinguish every phase of the life of the Baha'i community." Though applicable to all its members, this requisite was...
  15. bwb

    Freedom from prejudice - UHJ Dec. 28, 2010 message

    "The Guardian next addressed the subject of prejudice, stating patently that "any division or cleavage" in the ranks of the Faith "is alien to its very purpose, principles, and ideals." He made clear that the friends should manifest "complete freedom from prejudice in their dealings with...
  16. G

    UHJ: Gaza situation ... Any statements?

    Hello, Just a quick question to everyone out there. I have been looking for a very long time for a statement from the Universal House of Justice that specifically relates to the current situation regarding the occupation of Gaza and the related human rights issues. I have read Shoghi...