1. tonyfish58

    How are you going?

    Hello all, are you happy, how are you going? We live in a time where we are told great mental tests will be part of life, we live in an era where the Old World Order is collapsing around us, all the while the New World. Order is being rolled out in its stead. It is not easy to find meaningful...
  2. Walrus

    Korea moves towards Peace and Unity

    :D I have nothing to say on the matter (at the moment) except the title. ;)
  3. MysticMonist

    Unity of Religions (A Chinese restaurant story)

    I have an amusing experience from a few years ago that, for me, is one way to look at the concept of a unity of religions. I had begun studying Buddhism and particularly Zen meditation online thru forums like this and thru emailing with teachers. I started reading scriptures and gaining a solid...
  4. Babism

    Unity of God

    Angel of death I want to share with you some fremd story, my grate grandmother met with angel of death who had informed her about death of his husband Angel of death manipulated her mind and she got trusted him, she judged he was "angel of light" from God but in reality she felt after his...
  5. Jcc

    The Valley of Unity

    I have some good things to report for my Bahaiforums family. First, my wife of 15 years has declared as a Baha'i after being raised in Buddhist/Taoist Taiwan, then studying Buddhism and meditation intensively in recent years, then becoming interested and inspired by Chrisitanity and Christian...
  6. tonyfish58

    Our path to Unity

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all very happy and active in achieving our next goal of Unity. As the Old World order rolls up we have been foretold that the tests to our mental strength will be increased greatly. It is to easy to dwell on all that is not good and harder to stay motivated in...
  7. M

    Worldwide Peace and Unity

    Here as I am still reading the W.T. Pole book, I read parts which are just in line with the Bahai teachings and goal of Union and Peace on earth. We are told to for example not take sides in political matters because it causes war and may finally end in battle and slaughter; war cannot bring...
  8. L

    A Reader's Guide to the Tabernacle of Unity

    Hey everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Friends, I am a friend of the Faith and aside from the Kitab-i-Iqan (which gets a lot of attention), I am particularly fond of the Tabernacle of Unity. At my website I have written a reader's guide of sorts, just a collection of my insights into the...
  9. A

    Absolute Unity

    In The Seven Valleys And the Four Valleys a saying of Imam Ali is mentioned in The Valley of Knowledge: “Absolute Unity excludeth all attributes.” What does this mean? If all attributes are excluded then what would remain of the concept of Unity in Diversity? We know God through...
  10. M

    Pope Francis and the Baha'i spirit of Unity

    I just wanted to state once again my enormous respect for the work that Pope Francis is doing in the world. From an article about his visit to the United States: What Pope teaches us about our religions - CNN.com
  11. tonyfish58

    Pushing the barrow of Unity

    Any one noticing that the wheelbarrow of Unity is getting harder to push :o Come what may the road is getting rockier, the bends and twists getting tighter and the hills steeper. So many now adding The lead of negativity to this barrow, I would love them to keep that lead for themselves...
  12. S

    Representing Unity using numbers

    I have found a way to link numbers(using digital roots) and all beliefs in unity including atheism to the concept of a universal God. However, it is hard to know who to talk to about this since few religions even now will be willing to linked with atheism or even other religions that have same...
  13. M

    The Cause of Unity and Love

    “The divine religions must be the cause of oneness among men, and the means of unity and love; they must promulgate universal peace, free man from every prejudice, bestow joy and gladness, exercise kindness to all men and do away with every difference and distinction.” Excerpt From: Bahá...
  14. M

    Fix your gaze upon unity

    “O ye men of wisdom among nations! Shut your eyes to estrangement, then fix your gaze upon unity.” - Bahá’u’lláh. “Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh Revealed after the Kitáb-i-Aqdas.”
  15. M

    Some quotations on Unity

    First, from the Hidden Words by Baha'u'llah: What does the "celestial wine of unity" mean, that no people of the world choose to drink from? What are the foul dregs of impurity that everyone is drinking? I would suggest that perhaps the "celestial wine of unity" is what Abdu'l-Baha is...
  16. Le Chat Noir

    Over again with gay topic

    Hi there! I’ve been reading thoroughly a few threads about homosexuality topic from a Baha’i perspective. I first have to say that I’m very happy to note that discussions about this are quite rewarding as in most cases they reflect the very essential of Baha’i teachings...
  17. Pollwr

    7 candles of unity

    I have been looking at this quotation "Behold how its light is now dawning upon the world's darkened horizon. The first candle is unity in the political realm, the early glimmerings of which can now be discerned. The second candle is unity of thought in world undertakings, the consummation of...
  18. A

    marriage to a non-Baha'i and Unity

    Hello, I am looking for a spacific quote that I read years ago. It was addressing the issue of being married to a non-Baha'i. the just of the quote as I remember a person was married to a non-Baha'i and because attending Baha'i functions caused disunity in their marriage the response was that...
  19. eye

    Obvious proof of unity

    asdasd asd asd asd
  20. C

    girlfriend? or unity.

    I have a question about the importance of unity and if unity should be foregone in specific special circumstances.. 1. My girlfriend (also a Baha'i) was close friends (sexual) with a Baha'i guy in New York before getting together with me (I'm from Los Angeles). She didn't think it meant...