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    College & University Student Recruitment

    This article of B.Tech Admission in Bangalore 2018 contains information about admission process in the undergraduate engineering courses. ... Students seeking admission in engineering colleges of Bangalore have to appear in the entrance exam. ... JEE Main is the national level entrance...
  2. D

    Shelley Kagan, Yale University

    Is God Necessary for Morality? William Lane Craig vs Shelly Kagan Debate - YouTube 1. Course introduction - YouTube
  3. D

    Former Rector of Tehran University Apologises

    "Dr. Muhammad Maleki ( محمد ملکی ), the former Rector of Tehran University, has met with one of the Bahai students excluded from tertiary education in Iran, and apologized to her. He was accompanied by film director Mohammad Nourizad, who has reported the meeting. The gesture has implications...
  4. D

    30 Baha'i Students applications for University refused.

    At least 30 Baha’i students taking the University Entrance Exam, have been faced with the claim of “Incomplete Files” "After assuming his new position as the Minister of Higher Education in Iran, Mr. Jafar Toufighi, in repeated statements has declared that no student would be blacklisted for...
  5. Khodrat

    Beginning a Baha'i Club at my university. . .

    Recently, the youth conference has influenced many of the other Baha'i youth, who attend the same university as I, will begin a Baha'i club and hold weekly devotional gatherings in one of the rooms in our community center and maybe even go on to begin study circles on Ruhí books! What do you...
  6. arthra

    Baha'i Underground University in Iran

    Bahai Underground University in Iran ( - YouTube!