1. C

    Footnote #13 in the Seven Valleys

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know the source for the 13th footnote in the Seven Valleys? Much of my favorite quoted material comes from this source and my copy lists this source simply as "Persian mystic poem". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. D

    The Four Valleys and the Seven Valleys

    Near the end of "The Seven Valleys", the Blessed Beauty refers to four stages of the heart: But to this evanescent One of the mystic ocean, this station is the first gate of the heart’s citadel, that is, man’s first entrance to the city of the heart; and the heart is endowed with four stages...
  3. MysticMonist

    Seven Valleys

    Hello, Walrus sent me a link to the seven and four valleys texts. They are incredible. In the first valley of search, the steed is patience. What does this mean? Based on context, is this a kind of perseverance or vigilance? Or is it more a need for passive waiting? Shalom, MM
  4. M

    Seven Valleys

    Seven Valleys is one of the most interesting sacred writings I have ever read. have you ever tried to go through the mystic path via the mentioned steps in seven valleys? which valley are you in now? which valley has been the most difficult one for you?
  5. J

    The Four Valleys

    An article from -- O My eminent friend! Those who progress in mystic wayfaring are of four kinds. I shall describe them in brief, that the grades and qualities of each kind may become plain to thee. – Baha’u'llah, The Four Valleys, p 49 Baha’u’llah ends the introduction to...
  6. L

    Seven Valleys -- Calling us to spiritual transformation?

    "After passing through the Valley of knowledge, which is the last plane of limitation, the wayfarer cometh to the Valley of Unity and drinketh from the cup of the Absolute, and gazeth on the Manifestations of Oneness. . .He seeth in himself neither name nor fame nor rank, but findeth his own...
  7. cire perdue

    The form of the letter that is THE SEVEN VALLEYS?

    I have been dwelling in the small book THE SEVEN VALLEYS and I have not been able to verify something about TSV that I thought I learned. I believe I was told or read that this volume is a letter in a certain form that was to contain quotes from famous literary or religious sources, written as...