1. Y

    My YouTube channel .. With Baha'i videos

    I did have the link here however I'm currently making changes to the channel therefore I have removed the link temporarily .. Sorry for a waste of a thread but I'm having trouble deleting it
  2. arthra

    Watch videos of the Youth Conferences...

    For the past month or so I've been following news about the Youth Conferences being held world wide and the following has videos from many of the conferences: Videos from the 114 Youth Conferences - Bahá'í World News Service
  3. arthra

    Videos about Baha'i history:

    50th Annaversary of the House of Worship - Short version focuses on the adversities and setbacks that disrupted the progress on the House of Worship in the 1930s. - Bahai Faith | Baha'i Faith | United States Media Library I hadn't been aware of this video.. It has some achival film of the...
  4. arthra

    Several videos on this one site....

    Actually there are eighteen videos available on this site! BahaiNationalCenter - YouTube
  5. bwb

    Youtube videos?

    I'm really impressed with the quality of some google video and youtube and other videos that I've seen posted on the internet by Baha'is, but there is no organization to them. Finding them all is chaotic. Is there any Baha'i web site where someone has tried to compile, categorize, review...
  6. arthra

    Precious Baha'i videos

    Here's a site full of Baha'i Videos...