1. Y

    Bahá'í view black magic? Excorcisms?

    Bahá'í view on black magic? Excorcisms? Is it true the Bahá'í faith does not view black magic as a reality.. What should one think of excorcism videos? Is it just the power of the subconscious mind?
  2. Babism

    View of God

    God doesn't exist personal, isn't part of universe or humankind God is Impersonal like Love 1 John 4:8 "God is love" John 4:24 "God is spirit" God is doing of goodness 1 John 4:6 " We have come to know and have believed the love which God has for us God is love, and the one who abides in...
  3. Babism

    Nazarethan Baha'i faith view of prayer from death

    Nazarethan Baha'i faith view of prayer from death Bible and Quran forbidden pray for death, this practice according scriptures are necromancy - kind of idolatry. Deaths are not living persons, man is creatures not "little gods" , of corse some people are "like gods" (spiritual children of...
  4. SoldierofAllah97

    View of Mothers of the Believers

    Do Baha'is rever/honor any of the Mothers of the Believers? (Muhammad's wives) because I'm just curious.. In that matter Bahaullah's wives either? Thanks
  5. Thomas

    What is the Baha'i view on Global Warming?

    Hardly a day goes by without the subject of Global Warming being talked about in the media. From what I understand, there are two camps or schools of thought. One is the scientists’ camp, and the other is the conservative/religious camp. The scientists seem to come up with all sorts of data that...
  6. Y

    What is your view of interfaith marriage as a Baha'i?

    I am curious to know how you look at interfaith marriage as a Baha'i? Have/would you marry a non-Baha'i? What is the pros and cons of it? Why/why not there is an issue in it? What is your advices on this topic? Merci!
  7. D

    Shoghi Effendi: How Baha'is view Christianity

    'As to the position of Christianity, let it be stated without any hesitation or equivocation that its divine origin is unconditionally acknowledged, that the Sonship and Divinity of Jesus Christ are fearlessly asserted, that the divine inspiration of the Gospel is fully recognized, that the...
  8. D

    My view on wearing obvious religious identifiers in public

    My view on wearing obvious religious identifiers in public (by Warren Harbeck: Cochrane Eagle) "Quebec’s proposed legislation banning public servants from wearing overt religious symbols while on duty has me rethinking my own understanding of personal religious identifiers. My comments here...
  9. P

    What is Bahai's View On Near Death Experiences?

    I found a collection of Near Death Experiences I've been studying. Here is a whole video archive: NDEaccounts - YouTube One of the most popular ones there is this one: Near Death Experiences - NDE - Introduced To God ( NDEaccounts ) - YouTube I'm still learning about bahai but from what I...
  10. S

    Bahá'í Gardens on Google Street View

    For those who haven't seen this yet, the Bahá'í Gardens in Haifa and Bahji (as well as the streets of Akka) have been added to Google Street View. For example, the Collins Gate: Google Maps Happy exploring! Peace, Simeon
  11. arthra

    Aerial view of the International Centre

    Bahai Gardens, Haifa - Aerial view - YouTube
  12. LordOfGoblins

    the anti bahai view on gays thread...

    This is a thread to show my concern for the great numbers of Bahai views on gays threads that just keep popping up. Im getting tired of it? Why cant people just use the search option and add to the ones already existing? a search reveals there must be at least five of these already on the same...
  13. O

    What is the bahai view of Holy icons?

    Because typically Christians have had a long use of icons within the church and liturgical service, even going as far as to have a whole eccumenical council defend the use of Holy icons. So what is the bahai view of icons. Are they idolatrous or allowable?
  14. P

    How do Baha'i view God?

    Hello. :) My personal view of God is that He is the sum of the physical laws of the universe. Many others think of God as some supernatural giant man who sits on a throne in the sky. What is the Baha'i view? Does the "personal interpretation" part of the faith leave that up to the individual?
  15. arthra

    The Baha'i view of mankind..

    Adam is believed to have existed and been a Manifestaion of God but we do not have anything that has survived the span of millenia to say these are the authentic teachings of Adam.. so what we have is mostly allegorical and symbolic in say Genesis and the Qur'an. .but there are some...
  16. S

    Baha'i view on spirit guides / guardian angels

    Hi there, I was just wondering how this is considered in the Baha'i Faith: A friend of mine is a spiritual healer. She uses 'hands on' and often a pendulum to dowse decision making and diagnosing, often with alarmingly accurate results. In her view, it is not her that does the healing, but...
  17. D

    Baha'i view on homosexuality

    I am new to the Baha'i faith, i am not registered as a bahai but i have been taught it's teachings for the last 2 years in my local bahai youth. I am at the age of maturity and i need definite explanation on the Bahai view on homosexuality because it applies to me. So far i generally have it...
  18. arthra

    The Baha'i view of life after death..

    I was calle dthe other day to counsel a woman who had todecide whether or not to have life support systems shut down for her father... She wassn't a Baha'i but had a read a few things and requested a Baha'i see her at the hospital so I went to see her... I told her the Baha'i view was that...