1. J

    My New Baha'i Website.

    Hey, everyone! I just built my own Baha'i website on go daddy. I shared my conversion experience on my own personal website. I also put cool Baha'i videos on there and pictures. :thumbsup:Here's the link: Let me know what you guys think about my new website! I'm...
  2. D

    Is this website legitimate?

    Baha'i Faith Universal House of Justice Is ^^^the above linked^^^ a legitimate website of the UHJ that heads the largest segment of the Baha'i faith?
  3. RonPrice

    Sub-Section of My Website on the Babi-Baha'i Faiths

    I make no attempt to keep up with the burgeoning resources now available on the Babi(1844-1863) and Baha'i Faiths(1863- 2863-circa). If I include subjects related to this religion, a religion which claims to be the latest, the most recent, of the Abrahamic religions, related subjects in what...
  4. ahanu

    Kashkul, a website with Baha'i translations

    After searching for some new material on the Writings, I stumbled on a website called Kashkul. Here's the author's description of this blog: Kashkúl is an anthology of Shaykhi, Babi, and Baha’i writings not familiar to English-speakers. A kashkul is an alms bowl, such as the one used by...
  5. J

    New website up and running

    Just found this site today and it looks interesting, with many stories of notable Baha'is. It's called Baha'i Chronicles. The introduction reads: “Let your vision be world embracing…” — Bahá’u’lláh Religion! Who is God? Which Messenger of God shall we follow? Throughout history, we have been...
  6. arthra

    New website for International Baha'i community

    Just thought I'd share that there is a new website for the Baha'i International community and I've shared this on a few interfaith forums the last few days... I think one of the best places to introduce people to the Faith is here... The Bahá It has a (1) general introduction of the Baha'i...
  7. J

    New Baha'i Website

    The National Spiritual Assembly (USA) announces a new website: November 18, 2014 To the American Bahá'í community Dearly loved Friends, Several of our offices and agencies have for some time been working in concert to achieve an important aim: to consolidate 20 years’ worth of...
  8. A

    What has happened to Baha'i Media Bank?

    It’s down for several months now. Site is down for maintenence - [Client Name]
  9. S

    Channel and a website to introduce Christians to the Faith

    This is a special message to those who are well versed in the Bible, to film makers who are inspired by the Bahá'í teachings and to website designers. But even though you are none of these you can be involved with this project: Dear friends, Wouldn't it be good to have a website and a YouTube...
  10. arthra

    Book and Website launched!

    Book and website launched to accompany building of House of Worship Book and website launched to accompany building of House of Worship - Bahá'í World News Service SANTIAGO, Chile, 18 March 2012, (BWNS) – As construction of the innovative Baha'i House of Worship gets under way here, a new...
  11. Y

    Europe UK Baha'i website

    Welcome to the United Kingdom Bah’ Community I think its a very well made and informative website!
  12. RonPrice

    My Website on Psychology

    Readers might want to check out the following website for some thoughts in relation to psychology: