1. D

    Authoritative Documentation of Non-Applicability of Portions of Aqdas in West

    I have heard that certain provisions of the Kitab-i-Aqdas are not formally applicable in the West at this time. I am wondering where this was authoritatively established in communications from Shoghi Effendi or the Universal House of Justice.
  2. D

    Summary of Exceptions to Baha'i Law for the West?

    I have heard now of at least two doctrines or divine laws which do not currently apply to the people of the West, listed below. Can anyone verify that this is true? If so, what is the origin of them not applying to the present-day West, and are there any other doctrines or laws not applying to...
  3. I

    The Sun rises from its West

    One of the signs to pass before Day of Resurrection, that is mentioned in recorded traditions is the rise of sun from its setting place. To most people this may appear that the Sunrise changes its direction. It should be mentioned that the Imams of Islam had said that in their Hadiths, there...
  4. gnat

    And How About the West?

    Somehow, we are stuck in a stereotype; that the East is spiritual and the West materialistic, as if that were a law of nature. As a compatriot of Emanuel Swedenborg, I'd say that I have some counter arguments. But what I'm thinking of now, is Bach's music. The prime example is the Passion of St...
  5. J

    Abdu'l Baha's journeys to the West

    Hi friends, I have been a Baha'i for 26 years but only recently been in a position to become active. Unfortunately my activity is limited now because of health but I am at last near a lovely small community in the Far North of New Zealand. Just lately been studying the Covenant with a very...
  6. RonPrice

    Africa NSA of South and West Africa

    "If we made the requirements too rigorous, we will cool off the initial enthusiasm, rebuff the hearts and cease to expand rapidly. The essential thing is that the candidate for enrolment should believe in his heart in the truth of Bahá'u'lláh. Whether he is literate or illiterate, informed of...
  7. arthra

    Lessons from Star of the west:

    Even though some of these references are not available to most of us, I still think it's interesting to see what early Baha'is in 1923 studied in the early issues of Star of the West... Here's an example of a suggested line of study: Suggested References for Four Meetings to Study the Great...