1. D

    When Was Baha'u'llah Separated From His Wives?

    During what period(s) of His life was the Blessed Beauty cut off from His wives?
  2. N

    Bahaullah's 3 wives

    Did the Baha'i prophet have sex with all his three wives? Made babies with all three? Sincerely, Napkin
  3. N

    How many wives did the Baha'i prophet have?

    I've heard 2, 4, 3..... Is it true that the man who tried to teach his followers about marriage and love, had multiple wives?
  4. tonyfish158

    Baha'i prophet had 3 wives

    is this true?
  5. Rani

    two wives.

    Dear Friends, I was having a mini-deepening with a baha'i friend the other night, and she raised the issue of Baha'u'llah saying that a man can have two wives. She questioned why Baha'u'llah, as the Manifestation of God would say something is allowable if it is not. Have to say, it posed a...
  6. shathaway

    Muhammad's Multiple Wives

    Muhammad's Polygamy Christians are often appalled with Muhammad having multiple wives. Was he really a spiritual deviant, taking on more than one wife? Maybe we should look more deeply into the life of Muhammad for understanding. Ruhiyyih Khanum Rabbani has written this to explain the...