1. T

    Women on the UHJ

    Does anyone have any ideas what I can say to a nonbeliever who thinks that the Baha'i Faith is harmful and anti-human because it excludes women from the UHJ? He says we exclude half the human population from leadership roles but of course he does not understand that women are only excluded from...
  2. M

    (Women) and Modesty in Bahai Faith

    Dear community, I am Martin from Germany. I am not a Bahai, but I am interested in this religion. What I generally like about religions is the code of modesty like it exists in Christianity regarding nuns or in Islam when it comes to cover some parts of the body. I see the concept of modesty...
  3. Romane

    Equality of Women

    Good morning all my dear friends The world is catching up with the Teachings of Baha'u'llah about the station and position with equality of women in society, and how an all-male environment is not healthy. This very interesting article in the ABC News this morning: Corporate gender equality...
  4. camachoe

    Do women dress with the hijab code when living in a Muslim country?

    I mean, Baha'i women. Thanks for letting me know if this is the case. Also, whether a formerly Muslim woman converted to the Baha'i faith can keep dressing as per the hijab code.
  5. Romane

    Women and the peace process

    Good morning First, a link to the news item on the Australian ABC news site which prompts this post. The purpose is to focus on the comments about women and their involvement in the peace process - the carnage and other acts of violence from both sides can be read anywhere else. Natasha...
  6. A

    In honour of women

    Happy Valentines day,belated lol,to all our wonderful ladies. Please post her anything you wish ro honour women:D
  7. BlinkeyBill

    The Role of Women in the Bahá'í Faith

    Interesting article here: The Role of Women in the Bahá'í Faith | KidSpirit
  8. D

    The Role of Women in the Bahá'í Faith 16/11/2013

    The Role of Women in the Baha'i Faith Posted: 16/November/2013 'By contributing writer Ariana Resauladin for KidSpirit's The Soul of Gender issue. This piece was written as part of KidSpirit's Interfaith Connections column, a place for teens to dialogue about how their faith or wisdom...
  9. D

    SD: Iran: In women's wing at Evin Prison, improved conditions, no leave for Baha'is

    SD: Iran: In the women's wing at Evin Prison, improved conditions, but still no leave for Baha'i Prisoners Rooz Online, November 3, 2013 '...Prison conditions have improved over the last 4 years. Prison officials have allowed the families of prisoners to provide for some of their needs. Their...
  10. D

    Saudi Arabia under fire at U.N. over women's, migrant worker rights

    Saudi Arabia under fire at U.N. over women's, and migrant worker's rights Picture courtesy of blog: Saudi women say no to guardianship system (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's human rights record came under fire at the United Nations on Monday with critics accusing the kingdom of jailing activists...
  11. D

    Minority women in Sri Lanka facing increasing sexual violence and insecurity

    "Four years after the end of the armed conflict, Tamil and Muslim women in the north and east of Sri Lanka are increasingly marginalized and face chronic insecurity, says an international rights organisation in a new report. Thousands of women have lost husbands and other family members, while...
  12. N

    Why Baha'i women are forbidden from....

    being part of the supreme leadership? Doesn't this group scream "equality" every chance they get? Yet, Baha'i women are strictly forbidden from running for UHJ. Why is that?
  13. D

    LDS Church Membership Hits 15 Million As Mormon Women Question Gender Inequality

    "SALT LAKE CITY -- SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — On a day when the Mormon church announced its membership has hit 15 million — a three-fold increase from three decades ago — the ongoing debate about the role of women within the faith raged on. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' president...
  14. N

    Baha'i women are wild in bed

    Due to their extreme sexual restrictions, Baha'i women have become increasingly wild in the bedroom. Is this true?
  15. N

    Baha'i women are not allowed to run for leadership

    While Baha'i women are allowed to participate in small-time local leadership positions, they are forbidden from participating in UHJ (this is like their presidency). Keep in mind this is a cult that runs on gender equality.
  16. D

    Driving affects ovaries and pelvis, Saudi sheikh warns women ROFL!

    Al Arabiya 'Saudi women seeking to challenge a de facto ban on driving should realize that this could affect their ovaries and pelvises, Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Luhaydan, a judicial and psychological consultant to the Gulf Psychological Association, told Saudi news website sabq.org. Driving...
  17. N

    Baha'i women

    Just a reminder; Baha'i women are forbidden from being part of the leadership (serving on the UHJ) while the organization continues to claim they believe in equality of sexes.
  18. Jcc

    Women as the highest authority in the Faith

    I was going to call this thread women on the UHJ, but that would have been misleading. What we know about that subject is that women do not serve on the UHJ, and we don't know why (but will at some point in the future). But I was thinking, is there anything inherent about being a woman that...
  19. arthra

    Video: the Babi-Baha'i women of Nayriz:

    Bábí Women Of Nayriz - YouTube
  20. arthra

    Support rural women to end poverty:

    Forum at UN discusses role of rural women farmers Forum at UN discusses role of rural women farmers - Bahá'í World News Service NEW YORK, 6 March 2012, (BWNS) – Listening to and supporting rural women is fundamental to ending poverty and hunger, and achieving peace and development that is...