1. A

    Not Working on Holy Days?

    Hello all! As I have become increasingly interested in the Baha'i Faith, reading, and still working my way through that whole reincarnation thing... becoming a Baha'i is looking like a real posibility. I recently learned about the eleven holy days and how work is supposed to be suspended during...
  2. potato skillet

    Sending messages not working for me...

    Just a heads a very nice message from dale who posts here, and I could not send him a thank you in reply. Dale, if you are reading this, thank you. Cheers then.
  3. arthra

    Australia Baha'is working to reconcile in Australia:

    Goonellabah woman off to hear PM say 'Sorry' 12.02.2008 By Alex Easton PRISCILLA WIGHTMAN does not remember a man holding a gun to her mother’s head as she was taken from her family. She doesn’t remember the raid by police, welfare officers and hospital staff on her%Moree mission, which...