1. D

    My Wilmette Institute course on a World Federated Government

    The international crisis includes possible war in Ukraine, the terrorist groups, financial trouble in the eurozone, and climate change. We are now in the adolescence of the human race, and the next is maturity once we realize our interconnectedness. Modern communication, travel to other...
  2. C

    The Baha'i and the New World Order

    Good evening to everyone, i'm Ivan and i'm happy to be here. Sorry if i had to write in a bad way, but i'm italian and i don't know well english. I'd like to ask you something about the relatianship between Baha'i and the Rotschild family: is it true that Abdu'l Baha had relationship with it...
  3. M

    Visions of the Next World

    Allaho Abha all dear Friends Have you ever had visions of how the next world look like? I was recently talking to my very dear friend, and he said that he had a vision about the "Crimson Ark" (symbolic of Baha'is faith). now I had always thought the name "Crimson Ark" is chosen because it...
  4. F

    Did God intend for the religions of the world to become distorted?

    Did God intend for the religions of the world to become distorted and if not, why did He continue to send different prophets KNOWING that eventually the message would be lost and distorted? I'm just trying to understand the logic behind why God would continue sending prophets knowing that...
  5. F

    Why do all the world religions contradict themselves?

    It seems to me that the religions of the world are not only contradictory to one another but are also extremely detailed in their contradictions TO one another. If God sent Manifestations to humanity and ultimately, religions formed around each one, why were the contradictions allowed to exist...
  6. Thomas

    Where is the Next World?

    I think a lot about the next world, about those I knew and who passed away to the Abha Kingdom. Most people seems to think that the next world is somewhere up in the skies, but I think that the next world is right here on earth. My question to you is: where is the next world?
  7. T

    Why hasn’t everyone in the world heard about the Baha’i Faith?

    Why hasn’t everyone in the world heard about the Baha’i Faith? More specifically, why are there so many people in the United States that have not even heard of the Baha’i Faith? I have been encountering this frequently on forums, and I also encounter it in my day to day life. For example, on...
  8. camachoe

    Is the world getting better?

    As a whole, yes. A big, big, big yes. The world has been getting not just wealthier, healthier, more just, more secure, but what is more important and less understood, more moral. The facts that support this notion are there, for everyone to see. We have many problems, no doubt about it. No...
  9. camachoe

    Taxation, Donations, and the Future World Order

    The main difference between a tax and a donation is that a tax is gathered through the use of force, while a donation gathered through the use of persuasion. To get a tax, the State does not really need to appeal to your mind or heart. Whether you are persuaded or not, it will confiscate your...
  10. gnat

    A World Full of Crazy Words

    We have a world full of crazy words out there. What do we do to spread the Word of Bahá'u'lláh? gnat
  11. Thomas

    Have we Baha'is let the world down?

    The world, it seems to me, to be sick. No matter what corner of the world I look at, I see great numbers of people to be sad, living daily in unnecessary hardships, with all the killings that are happening in the world today, whether sectarian, religious, or otherwise. There seems to be a hike...
  12. gnat

    Looking at the World

    Why do I get the impression, when I read the news, that I'm watching irresponsible kids, who have emptied dad's arms locker and now are running about playing war, shouting at each other "Gimme that candy, or you're dead!" and "If you call me sissy another time, I'll nuke ya!" ? Some kind of...
  13. Sarastro

    Pope Francis: World expects believers to work together for peace

    As a Catholic who appreciates many of the Baha'i ideas about unity I'd like to share today's talk of Pope Francis. World expects believers to work together for peace, pope says The world expects all people of religious faith to work with everyone for a better future, Pope Francis told...
  14. I

    How the world is changed?

    Baha'I scriptures teaches that, by the appearence of this new Revelation, The World started to change, and the prophecies of old scripture are being fulfilled, such as "the earth will be changed to another earth". So, for example we see, since 19th century, the World has been changing both in...
  15. W

    Abstaining From Alcohol in an Alcoholic World?

    Living in Texas, I am surrounded by a strong Alcohol culture that constantly bombards me with temptations. My parents always love to have beer stocked in the fridge, there are numerous billboards advertising drink and even my friends I talk with over the internet always seem to crack open a...
  16. Y

    Geniuses of the Ancient World: The Buddha, Socrates and Confucius (BBC Documentary)

    For those of you not living in the UK, I just wanted to flag this excellent documentary series which aired a few weeks ago on the BBC. It was hosted by the British historian Bettany Hughes: BBC Four - Genius of the Ancient World Genius of the Ancient World: Socrates, Confucius and Buddha...
  17. J

    Do We Need To Renounce The World?

    by Peter Gyulay You’ve heard the saying: we are not material beings having a spiritual experience–rather, we are spiritual beings having a material experience. If that’s true, how should we think about the material world? Do we have to renounce the material things of the world to lead a...
  18. M

    The Future of World Religions

    I saw a web page today with diagrams and information about world religions and the estimations about how religions will occupy world in coming decades. the diagram looks really biased to me. it has not even mentioned Baha'i as a distinct religion. on the other hand the research is done by a...
  19. E

    Allah'u'Abha World

    Hello everyone, I'm a 30yr young Baha'i who is passionate about technology and in particular the use of modern technology for a Baha'i related purpose. I believe the Internet is a manifestation of a new spirit in the World and I just discovered this website while I was wondering how can I seek...
  20. Sarastro

    Baha'i response to world crisis

    I wrote this post in another topic but the topic starter asked me to remove it. The question is what can the Baha'i community do and what does it about the major problems of this world posing real dangers for the human race: -Islamic extremism in Syria en Iraq / Israeli-Palestinian Crisis...