1. Walrus

    The Worlds Within Ourselves

    An interesting verse from Baha'u'llah I found today. A verse I can't believe I didn't know about sooner, since it is very interesting to me in light of my school of artistic thought, surrealism. The whole quote is a bit of an affirmation of surrealism's validation of dreams. :D So I thought I...
  2. J

    Dreams and the Worlds of God

    by David Podger In the matter of mental capacity, human beings have excellent reasons for humility. Firstly, the human brain has limited information processing speed. We know that it makes up for this limitation with massive parallelism and preliminary processing, particularly in the area of...
  3. Romane

    Interesting theory

    Good morning The other day while at the library waiting for my wife to select books, was reading a copy of New Scientist from November 2014. I will quote here some selcted passages and you will see why I found it so interesting. This is to do with current theory in quantum theory, and a new...