1. K

    Writing to the Universal House of Justice

    Does anybody know how I can write to the Universal House of Justice when I want to ask for its guidance? Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  2. K

    any writings regarding lataif's and chakras in Bahai writing

    Is there any mention of lataifs and chakars in bahai writings? The Lataif or subtleties are the psychic organs of supersensory perception that can only be activated by a Sufi Master as part of the Great Work, the goal of Alchemy. Each of the Six Lataif have to be purified in order for you to...
  3. IndistinctDreamer

    Writing on the Environment

    Howdy all, I need to write an academic essay for uni soon in regards to a few things. Can anyone direct me to some writings on the Environment? I know there are a few around but can't remember where i read them. The more the better + references too ( if possible) thank you!!
  4. RonPrice

    The process of review

    Baha’i novels, or to put these two words in a more accurate context--novels written by Bahá’ís--are not simply the result of an author's idiosyncratic intentions but are the product of the collective activity of Bahá'í gatekeepers who work within the constraints of the Baha’i publishing...
  5. RonPrice

    Memoirs and Autobiographies: Writing Your Own

    AUTOBIOGRAPHY: ANALYSIS YET AGAIN I have provided a succinct narrative account of my life in my autobiography and memoirs. It is chronological; the factual material is ordered, sequential and goes for 2500 pages and five volumes. But, clearly, sharpness of detail, revealing anecdote, even...
  6. shathaway

    Who is writing the Future?

    Who is writing the Future? Here is an insightful article written and posted by the Baha'i International Community. The article attempts to highlight the frustrations that many governments have with the teachings of Baha'u'llah. And allude to the world-embracing scope of Baha'u'llah's...