1. Neal

    Acheivement of 5 Year Plan Numerical Goal

    "March 21, 2016 To the American Bahá'í community Dearly loved Friends, Following on our message for the Feast of Bahá, we wish to share with you the wonderful news, received on Naw-Rúz, of the establishment of several additional programs of growth in this country, for a current total of...
  2. N

    When does the fast end this year?

    The Badi calendar now confuses me more than it used to. I know the date the fast ends can depend on where you live, so in the Americas, does the fast end on the 19th or the 20th?
  3. gnat

    Happy New Year!

    A very happy New Year to all of you – not just to those who call themselves Bahá’ís, but to all those who sincerely strive in the same spirit. During this year, I have come to understand that there are so many more of us: the Pope, who manifests the same spirit, the fantastic Ayatollah...
  4. N

    thinking of going to Milmette in the next year

    Well, it's not exactly a pilgrimage, but funds are tight. Still, I would like to see a House of Worship. I am curious what to expect, and if there is a "Best time" to visit.
  5. I

    Prophet of the year 2863

    So now that I'm satisfied with the prophecies of the past, did Baha'u'llah leave any prophecies of the one to come after him? What signs would there be? All I know is that 1000 years is the minimum duration.
  6. Y

    Pope Francis Named Time Person Of The Year

    Pope Francis Named Time Person Of The Year
  7. A

    Explain the concept of God to 7 year olds

    I am looking for a simple explanation about God for a 7 year old about the fact that God can't be a girl or a boy, how do I explain the concept of God as an unknowable essence in a Baha'i Children lesson to be comprehensible enough , yet not overwhelming and suitable for this age group?
  8. D

    Nasim Ashrafi's sentence reduced to one year

    HRANA, October 19 Nasim Ashrafi ( نسیم اشرفی ), a Bahai from Tehran who was arrested in a wave of detentions of Bahais in Tehran, Mashhad and Shiraz in early July, 2012, has had her sentence reduced to one year... Read more here: Nasim...
  9. D

    Ask the Religion Experts: How can we keep a thankful spirit throughout the year?

    Ask the Religion Experts: How can we keep a thankful spirit throughout the year? The following extracts are from the original article here: Ask the Religion Experts: How can we keep a thankful spirit throughout the year? [i]"JACK MCLEAN is a Baha’i scholar, teacher, essayist and poet published...
  10. potato skillet

    I was tortured by antipsychotics for a year before I found out I could heal myself...

    Why are there not more Bahai women leaders in the Arabic community? Don't they know about YOLO?
  11. D

    Malala Yousafzai honored as Harvard University’s humanitarian of the year

    "The Pakistani teen and girls’ education activist Malala Yousafzai,who made international headlines last year after she survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban, graciously accepted Harvard University’s 2013 Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award last Friday. Harvard president Drew Gilpin...
  12. tonyfish58

    Tom Price's Talks on the 5 Year Plan

    Not sure if this has been posted here. Link to download talks Three Talks on the Five-Year-Plan The talks shed light on the Faiths direction and lay to rest a lot of issues that have been raised in recent posts on this and other Baha'i Forums. These talks are very inspirational and give light...
  13. N

    1,500 year old Bible that Claims Jesus predicted the coming of Mohammed?

    Has anyone heard anything of this? Or have any other information? For all I'm aware it may be old news. Ancient Bible If it's real, I think it would go a long way to legitimizing the Baha'i Faith and Baha'u'llah.
  14. tonyfish58

    Links to Christs Return Year 1844

    I was searching for information on Revelation in regards to the Timing of the Lesser Peace (Just out of interest) and came upon this site Daniel Revelation Bible Studies : What I found interesting was this passage "Because the world did not end in 1844, we have the advantage of reviewing the...
  15. S

    Year of study

    Hello everyone! My name is Charles and I am embarking on a year long commitment to study of the Baha'i faith which will culminate in wether or not I wish to declare or not. I come from a backround of Roman Catholicism but have read and studied so many religions. I am no longer convinced by the...
  16. S

    Youth Year of Service

    Hey guys. I am having an interview with the World Centre this sunday for a possibility year in Haifa! It is exciting for me to have such an opportunity. I was also offered to go to French Guiana as a youth volunteer for a year. I wanted some input on what to decide to to, if I have to make that...
  17. S

    New Five Year plan

    The new Five Year Plan has just been posted on just log in with your Baha'i ID and read or download it. If you can't access it let me know and I can email you a copy in Adobe format. Blessed are we!
  18. bwb

    BWNS - Three Baha'is, jailed for humanitarian work, begin fourth year in detention

    To read the article online and view images and links, go to: Three Baha'is, jailed for humanitarian work, begin fourth year in detention Three Baha'is, jailed for humanitarian work, begin fourth year in detention NEW YORK, 19 November (BWNS) – Despite compelling evidence that they never...
  19. daniel

    You became a Bahai during what year?

    Were you born a Baha'i or did you become a Baha'i? What year?
  20. RonPrice

    Snow White and the Seven Year Plan: 1937

    ANIMATION AND THE PLAN The first cinematic environmental hero may have been in Walt Disney’s nine minute animated film Little Hiawatha released on 15 May 1937. This was at the very start of the first Bahá'í teaching plan; in fact, the film went into theatres as the delegates left the national...