1. tonyfish58

    Celebrating 200 Years Birth of Bab & Bahaullah

    Celebrating 200 Years Birth of Baha'u'llah Dear Friends this is the Picture for this Celebration. I guess we should use it on our signatures in all web posts? Regards Tony
  2. D

    40 days (years) as prophecy

    In the interpretation of the Tablet of the Holy Mariner, drawing the parallel to Noah in His time, and the Ark of the Covenant, renewed with each successive Manifestation of God, it is interesting to note how the Song of God (as in Bhagavad-Gita) is sung from age to age, and how its melodies...
  3. neophyte

    Did the Bab say Baha'u'llah would come in nine years?

    Hi all, I saw a claim somewhere that the Bab said that the next prophet would come nine years after the Bab, and that Baha'u'llah fulfilled this prediction. Is this true? If so, can this be verified? Is it something the Bab wrote down? Thank you.
  4. N

    Ronald McNair died 30 years ago today

    ..on his way back into space, aboard Space Shuttle Challenger. I remember it well. I was a kid staying home sick and heard the report as it came through, Challenger exploded. Judy Resnik had visited our elementary school once, a couple of years before. She It sunk in. But I did not know anything...
  5. I

    Laying a Claim before 1000 years

    Baha'u'llah taught that God does what He wills. He mentioned in Book of Iqan, that God had always Tested different people in different Ages. He also taught that, through 'Bada', God can change His previous word or Will. So much so that even if He had fixed an appointed time, He may bring it...
  6. Sen McGlinn

    Sentences of the 7 Yaran reduced to 10 years

    The prison sentences of the seven ‘Yaran’, who served as national facilitators assisting the Bahais of Iran in their dealings with government organs until their arrest and imprisonment, have been reduced from 20 years to 10 years in prison. They have already served more then seven years. see...
  7. tonyfish58

    Seven Days Seven Years

    Dear Friensds Prayers Needed, Many communities suporting this event #7Bahais7years On 14 May 2015, the Baha’i International Community will be coordinating a global campaign to commemorate the seventh anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of the seven Iranian Baha’i leaders. The campaign...
  8. J

    197 Years Ago Today

    Today marks the 197th anniversary of the birth of Baha’u’llah, the prophet and founder of the Baha’i Faith. Baha’is believe that the advent of Baha’u’llah marks the return of the prophets of old, the renewal of religion and the revelation of a new, divine cycle destined to spread peace and unity...
  9. D

    Inactive Baha'is in Tehachapi, CA returning to activity after 13 years

    Allah'u'Abha! My family and I currently reside in Tehachapi, CA. There were some other Baha'i here back in 2010 but they moved away and the closest LSA's are an hour in each direction. I became a Baha'i in 1996 and was active for several years. Due to the need to move for work we eventually...
  10. D

    Nasim Baqeri Sentenced to 4 years in Prison

    Nasim Baqeri Sentenced to 4 years in Prison PCED, October 24 2013 'Nazim Baqeri, a Bahai from Tehran who was associated with the Bahai open university BIHE, has been sentenced to four years in prison. She was tried on October 8 on charges of endangering national security by membership of the...
  11. D

    Baha'is celebrate 100 years in New Zealand

    "One of New Zealand's lesser known religions is celebrating its centenary this year . The Baha'i faith was first practiced in New Zealand by Margaret Beveridge Stevenson (1865-1941) who lived in Parnell's Cowie St for much of her adult life. District Court Judge Heather Simpson has been...
  12. A

    One hour’s reflection is preferable to seventy years of pious worship

    Baha’u'llah in Kitáb-i-Íqán (p. 238) referred to “One hour’s reflection is preferable to seventy years of pious worship”. Does anyone know where the quotation came from?
  13. RonPrice

    THE SHADOW OF THE BOMB: 68 Years Down the Track

    LIMITS TO GROWTH 41 Years Down the Track Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, Jorgen Randers, and William W. Behrens III, The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome’s Project on the Predicament of Mankind, New York, University Books, 1972. The Club of Rome published a book entitled The...
  14. T

    What will the world be like in 40 years?

    What do you believe the world will be like in 40 years? Based on reason, prophecies, and a dream, I predict that the world will be united under one government, which will establish a high level of world wide peace, however society will degrade via the purging of religion leading to: - Increased...
  15. LordOfGoblins

    I have been coughing up blood for the last few years...

    Metephorically speaking... Isnt it delightful??
  16. arthra

    He had no rest or peace for thirty years...

    Abdu'l-Bahá, may our lives be sacrificed for His sacred dust, that peerless Beloved of the world, from the day that Bahá'u'lláh ascended until the hour of His own spotless soul's departure to the kingdom of light and the realm beyond, had neither a quiet night's rest nor a peaceful day, for...
  17. ahanu

    Baha'u'llah's two years in the wilderness

    When His father went away for two years in the wilderness, Abbás was heartbroken. -J. E. Esslemont Baha'u'llah left his family, became a Dervish, and spent two years in the wilderness. Why did Baha'u'llah choose to spend two years in the wilderness? Was it an event that pushed him to do so...
  18. O

    Will Mirza Husayn be wrong or mistaken in 2000 years?

    I've been pondering this since I was told there is no morality in Bahai's view of humanity, just the law of God. Since God's moral teachings change every thousand years, and previous manifestations have are now wrong on certain issues. IE Jesus and his apostles taught that celibacy was a good...
  19. S

    Revelation after 1000 years

    Can some1 explain the paragraph 37 of Aqdas in which it is written: 37 "Whoso layeth claim to a Revelation direct from God, ere the expiration of a full thousand years, such a man is assuredly a lying impostor. We pray God that He may graciously assist him to retract and repudiate such claim...
  20. Y

    Why did the Bab's Dispensation last only 20 years?

    The Baha'i Faith teaches that a new Manifestation of God comes every 1000 years, give or take a few centuries. Buddha's Manifestation thus lasted around 563 years, Christ's lasted 570 years and Muhammad's lasted nearly for 1,300 years. Although the Buddha and Jesus were off by 300 years and...