1. Neal

    Phases of youth involvement with the Baha'i community

    I have decided to restructure the six paragraphs pertaining to youth from the December 29 message from the Universal House of Justice into a chronological list of phases of youth involvement within the Baha'i community and core activities. My goal is to provide Baha'i youth and Baha'i agencies...
  2. S

    media's influence on youth

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of some good resources/website that discusses the influence of media on youth today. I work in public school as a teacher, and have had the opportunity to delve into some deeper discussions with some of these students on a specific topic. What...
  3. D

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Home searches and arrest of a Baha'i youth in Semnan

    Sen's Daily: Iran: Home searches and arrest of a Baha'i youth in Semnan HRANA, November 21, 2013 'Security agents have raided homes and arrested young Bahais in Semnan, under the pretext of enforcing the military service law...' Read more here: Home searches and arrest of Bahai youth in Semnan...
  4. D

    Sentencing for 4 Baha'i Youth in Semnan: Father awaits his sentence

    Sentencing for 4 Bahai youth in Semnan: father awaits sentence Yaran Iran (facebook), October 13, 2013 "Following their trials on August 21, 2013, Ardeshir Fena’eyan (اردشیر فناییان) has been sentenced to one year in prison. Golrokh Firuzeyan ( گلرخ فیروزیان ) and Shidrokh Firuzeyan ( شیدرخ...
  5. arthra

    Watch videos of the Youth Conferences...

    For the past month or so I've been following news about the Youth Conferences being held world wide and the following has videos from many of the conferences: Videos from the 114 Youth Conferences - Bahá'í World News Service
  6. S

    Asia Youth Conferences in Asia

    Bidor Youth Conference Malaysia | 9-11 August 2013 The youth conference in Bidor, Malaysia, opened with a rousing song that was specially composed for the occasion. The song, entitled “Bangkit lah Belia”, Bahasa Malaysia for “Arise, O Youths”, called on young people to arise and scale the...
  7. S

    Africa Youth Conferences in Africa

    Bertoua Youth Conference Cameroon | 2-4 August 2013 The inhabitants of Bertoua, a city located between the southern rainforest and the northern savanna in Cameroon, did not expect to see 600 radiant youth gathering in the premises of the Government Technical High School during the summer...
  8. S

    North America Youth Conferences in North America (reports)

    Montreal Youth Conference Canada | 5-7 July 2013 On a scorching hot day, over 200 youth gathered at John Abbot College in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, a town located at the western tip of the Island of Montreal. It was among the first in a series of youth conferences to be held around the world...
  9. S

    Australia Youth Conferences in Australasia

    Port Moresby Youth Conference Papua New Guinea | 5-7 July 2013 When the friends in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, learned that the historic gathering they were organizing in their city was to be one of the first of 114 youth conferences to be convened around the world, they responded with...
  10. S

    Europe Youth Conferences in Europe

    Paris Youth Conference France | 26-28 July 2013 At dawn on the first morning of the youth conference in Paris, the area experienced one of the most violent thunderstorms of the year. However, for the group of youth who had travelled from a community in the south west of France and were camping...
  11. D

    Youth arise to serve as conferences draw to a close 2 October 2013

    Youth arise to serve as conferences draw to a close 2 October 2013 Youth arise to serve as conferences draw to a close - Bahá'í World News Service "Since early July, tens of thousands of young people from communities spanning the entire globe have responded to the call of the Universal House...
  12. ahanu

    Youth unemployment

    Nearly 75 million unemployed youth last year! NEW YORK -- The next global financial crisis has already started, in the form of nearly 75 million unemployed young people around the world. If this mass of jobless youth doesn't find work, the consequences will be dramatic, a group of...
  13. RonPrice

    My Youth: A Personal Perspective

    My experience is only a part, a small part, of the vast intricate mosaic of Baha'i community life, of Canadian life, of Australian life, of the life of teachers, parents, husbands, men of the middle class in the closing decades of the twentieth century and the opening years of the twenty-first...
  14. IndistinctDreamer

    95 Youth Conferences + 19

    So whose going?! I am :D discuss!!!
  15. S

    North America Youth Conferences!

    This thread is for discussion of the international youth conferences called by the House of Justice for North America. If you are planning to attend, post here! Conferences for North America: Aguascalientes, Mexico Atlanta, USA Boston, USA Bridgetown, Barbados Chicago, USA Dallas, USA Durham...
  16. S

    South America Youth Conferences

    Well, the big news has been all over Facebook the past 2 days, so let's make some threads here to discuss who will be attending the upcoming 95 youth conferences! The conferences for South America are: Brasília, Brazil Cali, Colombia Canoas, Brazil Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Cochabamba...
  17. Sen McGlinn

    BIC statement on Youth and Adolescents

    The Baha’i International Community has submitted a statement to the Commission on Population and Development at its forty-fifth session, on the theme of adolescents and youth. The statement, entitled “Education in the service of community,” emphasises the participation of youth in society, and...
  18. S

    Youth Year of Service

    Hey guys. I am having an interview with the World Centre this sunday for a possibility year in Haifa! It is exciting for me to have such an opportunity. I was also offered to go to French Guiana as a youth volunteer for a year. I wanted some input on what to decide to to, if I have to make that...
  19. A

    Do Bahai's lose the ability to change the world after youth.

    I understand that youth are the ones who are to change the world in the Bahai faith, but when I person reaches twenty-five does this mean that we cannot change the world anymore.