1. Y

    My YouTube channel .. With Baha'i videos

    I did have the link here however I'm currently making changes to the channel therefore I have removed the link temporarily .. Sorry for a waste of a thread but I'm having trouble deleting it
  2. bwb

    Youtube videos?

    I'm really impressed with the quality of some google video and youtube and other videos that I've seen posted on the internet by Baha'is, but there is no organization to them. Finding them all is chaotic. Is there any Baha'i web site where someone has tried to compile, categorize, review...
  3. J

    The Study Circle! (A "The Office" Parody)

    Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share this youtube video with everyone, It's about a first class of Ruhi book 1 but in the style of the office. Even if you haven't seen the office it's still funny: YouTube - The Study Circle (The Office Parody) Enjoy :)! Jen
  4. C

    YouTube Teaching

    Hi, I'm looking for people interested in teaching the Faith online by creating video presentations. Different people could contribute in different ways: some may be proficient in video editing and making it look professional and attractive, others may have ideas for content, others in...