A 5-min Talk for the Declaration of the Bab

Sep 2012
[note: this is what's called "sharing homework w/ friends on the internet...]

May 23 has always been my favorite holy day --even when it falls on May 24-- but it hasn't always been that way for me. Thing is when I first heard about the Bab of Persia/1844 I was a college pre-seminary student; I considered myself a Christian and I saw no connection linking Christ and the Bab.

That changed, and the link turned out to be the Angle Gabriel:

[fwiw, this pic was what came up among many others when I googled 'pictures angel Gabriel', and imho it's way better than the others. Most pics showed him like a typical angel, all sweet & lovely. This pic however shows him to be the kind of angel that when he speaks you need to pay attention.]

Gabriel shows up in the Bible just two times. Once was w/ his visit to Mary back when she was still single and he said that she was going to give birth to the Son of God (Luke 1: 30) --he'd told her this right after he told Elizabeth that her son would be John the Baptist who'd come "in the spirit and power of Elijah (Luke 1: 13-17).

The other place Gabriel shows up we'll get to in a min. but first we need to look at Jesus about 30 years after Gabe's visit to his mother.

He was chatting w/ the disciples on the Mt. of Olives and they asked him "...what will be the sign of your coming and of the close of the age?” (Mathew 24: 3). Jesus replied describing many signs, one being how "...this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world..." (Mathew 24: 14) but (again imho) the big clue was "when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel" (Mathew 24: 15).

OK, the Book of Daniel's got lots of chapters, but the only place where the 'desolating sacrilege' is mentioned is at the end in Chapters 8 - 12. It's all about Daniel's vision where he's talking to the angel Gabriel --that other visit I mentioned. The angel explains that it's a vision about "the time of the end" (Daniel 8:17) and the vision takes place "in the province of Elam" (Daniel 8:2). I had to look it up, but the province of Elam is here:

After a lot of questioning by Daniel, Gabriel explained that the time the end would be in the year we know as 1844. This is what Elam looked like in 1844:


--and this map also shows where the Bab was traveling in 1844.

What we got here is that when the disciples asked asked Jesus about the time of the end, he said to read Daniel where Gabriel said to look in 1844 in what's present day Shiraz.

I was impressed.
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