A funny thing happened...

Sep 2012
Murphys, California
Some years ago, I was approached by a couple of men with bright smiling faces. They ran to me excited like small giddy children. I instantly smiled as well. They held my hands which have tattoos on the wrist (something many christians frown upon) and said happily "These tattoos are wonderful...they describe the prophecy of 1912! You are one of the children of that prophecy, how wonderful to have seen you today." Their enthusiasm was breathtaking and I have never forgotten it. I am a 31 year old mother of two children. Unconventionally Christian by origin and finally curious to find out about the Baha'i, after not seeming to search for them for many years (I suppose God's timing is immaculate). Today, another strange thing happened. My son, Moses and I were far from home at Pacifica beach in California. A family came up to him and were captivated by him in a way that is not normal (not creepy, just very intense). They did not speak to me in english and seemed to not even notice me, but my son. I felt the spirit of God in my soul. My upper lip went numb as it often does when I am near the spirit. I just know that the two events are connected. I am ready to find out why. I am ready to fulfill my destiny of service to God. I am on this forum to learn of the baha'i. To learn what the prophecy of 1912 means...and to learn more about the one whom I am in love with...My abba. If anyone would like to share any information that is pertinent please write to this forum! Or, if you would like to know what my tattoo is, hehe. Love to you all. Nicole.
Aug 2012
Wow! What a story.

I would love to learn more about that tattoo! Sounds awesome :)

A great place to start would be Via this link, at the official website. That website also holds all of the authoritative texts, free and in pdf form and is a great resource.

The way I learned much about the faith was by contacting local members. The people in my community are so warm and caring, and they went out of their way to provide me with plenty of books to keep me busy. On top of that they even offered to go through the Ruhi course (almost like a workbook designed to introduce someone to the faith). I learned much of what it means to be a Baha'i from that.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have, though I must admit that there are those who are much more equipped to handle specific questions. I'm sure they will show their face on here soon. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you,

-Zhang 张
Aug 2012
London, United Kingdom
Hi your story sounds interesting, if it brings you closer to the one true unknowable God then it is excellent. I also reccomend info.bahai.org and also Welcome to the United Kingdom Bah’ Community (being from the UK, that website was a great help early on!)

The single best step I took when I was called to the Faith was to email the official website for contacts in my area that I could meet with. So I really reccomend you take that course of action to. It's vitally important you follow the one true Bahá’í Faith and not some false splinter and by emailing the official National Spiritual Assemblies via those links you will be sure to be in safe hands!

Loving Regards!
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