A volunteer to help with a Baha’i website wanted!

Sep 2011
It is onetime job. We just need to fix some technical issues – that is all. No need for continual technical support.
Here are some major tasks to tackle:
  • To set browser caching;
  • to resolve conflict between a plugin and template;
  • to get rid of error ‘PHP regular expression limit reached (pcre.backtrack_limit)’ on some pages;
  • to improve server response time.
And maybe to give us advice regarding page structure of the website Архивы - память общины
Jun 2014
I have experience with web design, though my PHP is rusty (I mostly work with ASP) and I'd need more details on what plugin specifically. And, I have absolutely no free time this month, unfortunately, as I'm getting married. If you still need help come November send me a message and I could see what I can do.
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Sep 2011
Oh, my congratulations!
Walrus, let’s see who reply here. If your help still needed, I’ll contact you, say, in a month or better in two months.
Thank you for your response! I appreciate it very much knowing that you did it during a very special period of your life.
I’m contacting plugin developers now. I hope they will help me out with the problem. But all other technical issues with the site are not going anywhere.