Agnostic: Researching for Truth

Oct 2009
Terre Haute, IN
Hello all,
I'm an older guy who just met up with a high school buddy who WAS and still IS Baha'i. His 30 years in the same faith has aroused my curiosity. Research so far has shown me that MANY of the Baha'i beliefs are the same as mine. :huh
I don't do politics, gambling, group worship and have always believed mankind is far too self-centered to even begin to relate directly to GOD.
The bad discovery in my research shows that Baha'i folk must try NOT to look down on the 'less wise' of this earth. Can a cynical older guy hope to attain the ideal Baha'i way of viewing the world without medical surgery?
Jun 2006
Welcome Maurk!

Thanks Maurk for your post...

And welcome to the Baha'i Forums!

Being an older guy myself i can assure you that you need have no fears as becoming a Baha'i is for most a pleasant process that requires little or actually no surgery whatsoever.

If you haev any questions please feel free to share them..

For general info..

The Bahá?í Faith - The international Web site of the Bahá?ís of the world

There's a good article on wikipedia,

Bahá'í Faith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Bahai Library Online has both scriptures and articles and archives in English and a little in other languages:

Bahá'í Library Online

The Bahai Reference Library has mainly scripture, in English Persian and Arabic:

Baha'i Reference Library

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