Jul 2014
Because the original begins with Ya, it is a vocative, so rather than reciting "God, the all-glorious" why not try "All Glorious God!" / "Most Glorious God" / "O God, the all-glorious." Each of these is a translation that is clearly vocative.
O God, the All-Glorious, it is.
Thank you!
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Jun 2018
I haven't found a 'rulings' on it, we're asked to say it the one way, personally as long as you recite it as asked or in English is OK. Now, I've read studies about the words used in Buddhist meditation have been shown to induce a rhythmic breathing which induces a calmness. A relaxation technique such as the word, Om. So IMHO and I've tried saying it both ways, as for me I did feel a more rhythmic and tranctory way when reciting as asked.

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