Anniversary of the Birth of Baha'u'llah Nov. 12

Jun 2006

The childhood home of Baha'u'llah, destroyed by the Iranian government in 1981.

On November 12, about five million Baha'is around the world will celebrate the 196th anniversary of another rare event that may have an increasingly large impact on human history. Mirza Husayn Ali, who later took the title "Baha'u'llah", was born on this day in 1817 in Tehran, Persia. Despite a life of imprisonment and serial exile at the hands of Nasridin Shah of Persia and Sultan Abdul Aziz of Ottoman Turkey, His writings number over 100 volumes, are now spread over 200 countries and territories, and have been translated into over 800 languages. I have seen with my own eyes remote villages in Papua New Guinea that have built a special house to hold one of the books He wrote -- a sign of respect in their culture, and something the Shah of Persia could not have believed in his wildest dreams.

Author: Shastri Purushotma

Excerpted from the Huffington Post:
The Birth of Baha'u'llah | Shastri Purushotma
Jun 2006
There's an interesting reference to anticipating the birth of Baha'u'llah found in the Dawn Breakers:

Mirza Mahmud-i-Qamsari, whom I met in Kashan, and who at that time was an old man over ninety years of age and was greatly beloved and revered by all those who knew him, related to me the following story:

"I recall when in my youth, at the time when I was living in Kashan, I heard of a certain man in Nayin who had arisen to announce the tidings of a new Revelation, and under whose spell fell all who heard him, whether scholars, officials of the government, or the uneducated among the people. His influence was such that those who came in contact with him renounced the world and despised its riches. Curious to ascertain the truth, I proceeded, unsuspected by my friends, to Nayin, where I was able to verify the statements that were current about him. His radiant countenance bespoke the light that had been kindled in his soul. I heard him, one day, after he had offered his morning prayer, speak words such as these: 'Ere long will the earth be turned into a paradise. Ere long will Persia be made the shrine round which will circle the peoples of the earth.' One morning, at the hour of dawn, I found him fallen upon his face, repeating in wrapt devotion the words 'Allah-u-Akbar.'[1]

To my great surprise he turned to me and said:

'That which I have been announcing to you is now revealed. At this very hour the light of the promised One has broken and is shedding illumination upon the world. O Mahmud, verily I say, you shall live to behold that Day of days.'

The words which that holy man addressed to me kept ringing in my ears until the day when, in the year sixty, I was privileged to hear the Call that arose from Shiraz. I was, alas, unable, because of my infirmities, to hasten to that city. Later, when the Báb, the herald of the new Revelation, arrived in Kashan and for three nights lived as a guest in the house of Haji Mirza Jani, I was unaware of His visit and so missed the honour of attaining His presence. Sometime afterwards, whilst conversing with the followers of the Faith, I was informed that the birthday of the Báb fell on the first day of the month of Muharram of the year 1235 A.H.[2] I realised that the day to which Haji Hasan-i-Nayini had referred did not correspond with this date, that there was actually a difference of two years between them. This thought sorely perplexed me.

Long after, however, I met a certain Haji Mirza Kamalu'd-Din-i-Naraqi, who announced to me the Revelation of Bahá'u'lláh in Baghdad, and who shared with me a number of verses from the 'Qasídiy-i-Varqá'íyyih' as well as certain passages of the Persian and Arabic 'Hidden Words.' I was moved to the depths of my soul as I heard him recite those sacred words. The following I still vividly remember:

'O Son of Being! Thy heart is my home; sanctify it for my descent. Thy spirit is my place of revelation; cleanse it for my manifestation. O Son of Earth! Wouldst thou have me, seek none other than me; and wouldst thou gaze upon my beauty, close thine eyes to the world and all that is therein; for my will and the will of another than I, even as fire and water, cannot dwell together in one heart.'

I asked him the date of the birth of Bahá'u'lláh. 'The dawn of the second day of Muharram,' he replied, 'of the year 1233 A.H.'[3] I immediately remembered the words of Haji Hasan and recalled the day on which they were spoken. Instinctively I fell prostrate on the ground and exclaimed:

'Glorified art Thou, O my God, for having enabled me to attain unto this promised Day. If now I be called to Thee, I die content and assured.'

That very year, the year 1274 A.H., [4] that venerable and radiant soul yielded his spirit to God.

[1 "God is Most Great."]
[2 October 20, 1819 A.D.]
[3 November 12, 1817 A.D.]
[4 1857-8 A.D.]

- Dawn Breakers p. 8
Oct 2013
Rise with Joy
Ere long will the earth be turned into a paradise. Ere long will Persia be made the shrine round which will circle the peoples of the earth.
Jun 2006
Birth of Baha'u'llah Nov. 11-12th 2014

Another year has rolled around! Tuesday evening November 11th begins the Baha'i Holy Day - The anniversary of the Birth of Baha'u' and school will be suspended for the day.

Bahá'u'lláh, Whose name was Mirza Husayn-'Ali, was a nobleman of the province of Nur in Persia. A great Bahá'í scholar, Mirza Abu'l-Fadl, through extensive historical research has verified that Bahá'u'lláh was descended from Zoroaster and the Sasaniyan kings of Persia, thereby fulfilling certain traditions that the great Redeemer of mankind would be of pure Persian lineage. Bahá'u'lláh was also descended from Abraham through His third wife Katurah, thus uniting in His own person two branches of the Aryan and Semitic religions. He was born in Tihran in 1817 and His father Mirza Abbas, known in royal circles as Mirza Buzurg, was at the court of the Shah.

~ Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah v 1, p. 5

A video commemorating the life of Baha'u'llah: