North America Anyone in Ontario, Canada?

Sep 2010
Yep, it is hard.

Being alone in an area can maybe be compensated by reading more. I suggest setting goals to read Baha'i books to deepen one's self.......
Nov 2013
United States
I not have more details about Canada and also their residents. As my knowledge the big reason of any country are depend on their traditions and also their culture. On the other hand it is depend on the economic growth. According to my awareness the Canada economic growth are some formula’s are they apply to their economy. That is lead fact to getting success in the economic sector.
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Apr 2015
Niagara Region, Canada
Brampton has an LSA so at least 9 people

c/o LSA of Brampton
PO Box 51030
City Centre Postal Outlet
25 Peel Centre Dr
Brampton, ON L6T 5H2
The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Brampton; Phone: (416) 897-0233; Email:
(289) 201-9537

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