Attempt to Translation whole Bayán to English

Apr 2013
Dorset , UK
The Persian Bayan – Bab , Ali Muhammad Shirazi , Volume 1

Glory and praise to the holy and sublime immensity of the Sovereign, the only one worthy of this name, who in past and future eternities was and will be existing in the very being of His essence, and who, in the infinite time, in the sublimity of His eternity, was and remains inaccessible to the understanding of all things ….

Chapter 1
1:1 Of the three hundred and sixty one commandments 1) (which God has sent down to Bayan), the one whom God has made obligatory is ( to say) “THERE is no god other than God, in truth, in truth”
1:2 For all Bayan returneth to this formula, and through it shall the resurrection of the creatures of the other manifestation take place 2)
1:3 The full knowledge of this word is bound to the knowledge of the Point of Bayan, in which God fixed the essence of the seven letters 3)

1) The text says among other things, but the word Koul Chei means the Bayan and the 361 commandments that are theoretically included therein
2) The manifestation of the one whom God make manifest
3) Ali Muhammad

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Certain “Le Beyan Persan” – translation from French to English by Paweł Szul