Bahá'í administration wasting Huqúq'lláh on proprietary software?

Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
Why is this even being discussed?
Good question - Storm in a tea cup :noob:

I do not even know about the other products, all I have ever used is Microsoft?

Its all I have experience in - but hey each to their own.

So it would be like my workplace that employs 470 people - We Run Windows & MS Products - So when we advertise the applicant must have experience in MS Suit?????

Cheers Tony
Mar 2010
Rockville, MD, USA
Very simply, if a Baha'i office is using certain software, then it's simple common sense that people who understand those programs will be those needed!

And this has NOTHING WHATEVER to do with Huquq'u'llah, please note, it being an entirely separate fund.

Dec 2011
BayTown TX
The real shame is that they are using Microsoft products when apple is clearly superior. shame! :) :)
Jul 2010
I'm a big supporter of free software alternatives wherever possible. Microsoft Office can cost anywhere between 150 dollars and 500 dollars (depending on what version). If they buy the software in bulk, I'd imagine that reduces the price. Still, switching to Open Office wouldn't be much of a learning curve, and it would save some money.

I don't think this software choice has anything to do with spirituality, though.
Jan 2019
Prince George
my concern were about what where between the lines (dangerous, imho - and even tasting as offensive...) - why LibreOffice or OpenOffice were not mentioned, and Microsoft stuff (even Microsoft name) were? - this looks even as an advertise! is Microsoft funding Huqúq'lláh anyhow explicitly? this is really concerning...

well, this about "being inappropriate" without any kind of polite and transparent explanation of this reason, may sound as censorship... i thought that transparency and intelligent discussions were the most essential part from the Bahá'í communities, including this forum...

btw, i think must be clear where are the rules to use this forum - anyway, it's far weird for me the reason of existence of this forum, if we can't talk openly about issues like this... i think it's not a taboo at all...

and otherwise, i really wanted to have some feedback from more people about what everybody else also think about this situation (and very concerning in my viewpoint)

i sent a mail reply asking exactly these questions as i posted firstly above, but i didn't receive any feedback from there

sorry to everyone about my concerns, but in my opinion, the strength of a philosophy, community and religion comes from transparency
Nitrofurano, it's not about "transparency". If you could get 10,000 people to agree with you, what would that prove? That you are right, or that you have found a bunch of people who agree with you? The transparency in the Baha'i Administration is found in the chain of authority in that Administration. By sharing your concerns in the appropriate forums with the appropriate institutions, the right way will be shown. This is assured by 'Abdu'l-Baha in more than one writing. Not by airing them in public forums on mass media. Do you share your frustrations with your family on social media, or do you talk to them about those feelings? More than one response has encouraged you to write to the World Centre and raise the question with them. That is the correct thing to do. To persist in this is counterproductive for all involved, and serves no benefit.
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