Baha’i identity.

Sep 2018
its different for each person.
right now, im practicing virtues and trying to control my ego and show more tolerance, by using the writings as a guideline.

the human capacity is limitless, never think, "thats it, iam a perfect bahai or human now."
there is always room to grow. in fact telling someone "you are perfect", is an insult to them, for you are giving them a limit.
so, i would look at areas im not good at, and use the guidelines to grow.
May 2013
forest falls california
Allah’u’Abha dear friends.
How can I increase my Baha’i capacity? Read more of the writings, teach more? I’m not quite sure. Maybe there’s no quick fix, suggestions welcome.

PROMISE "If one seeks the confirmations of the Holy Spirit, they can find it in rich abundance in the Teaching Field . . . and if the Friends will arise with new determination, fully consecrated to the noble task ahead of them victory after victory will be won for the glorious Faith of God."

PROMISE "If only the friends could realize it, the glory of our Faith is not that people with unique abilities do the work of the Cause, but that it is done by the sacrifice of loving and devoted souls who arise selflessly to undertake work they feel themselves incompetent, sometimes, to achieve. God works through them and endows them with gifts they did not dream they could ever possess."