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In fact, there are twelve principles, which are often seen as a short summary of the bahá'í-faith. These are the following:

* Unity of God
* Unity of religion
* Unity of humankind
* Gender equality
* Elimination of all forms of prejudice
* World peace
* Harmony of religion and science
* Independent investigation of truth
* Universal compulsory education
* Universal auxiliary language
* Obedience to government and non-involvement in partisan politics
* Elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty
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True, Claudia, but the three mentioned above are considered the three most central principles of the Baha'i Faith--what we call the "Three Onenesses."


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Jun 2009
Ah, yes, I remember a song from Children's class

"God is One and man is one and all the religions agree. When we can have these three onenesses, we'll have world unity."
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As-salamu alaykum,

One language, what do you guys think it should be? Creating a new language all together or creating a new one?

Personally, I think it should be Arabic.
Jul 2011
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I feel that English is evolving as a universal language. Could computer language be a universal language, just a thought?
Oct 2011
Who knows?

But Abdul-Baha made a statement of what the new language would not contain.

So all languages as they are now would have to change.

I concern myself with more pressing problems :)
Mar 2013
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With regard to the universal language, it is too early to say what it might be, but more importantly, it needs to be chosen by the all the nations (or majority of them, I suppose). So that means they need to progress to the point where they can actually agree on something like that, so that may take a while.

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