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Jan 2017
Burlington, VT
The first ever Baha'i feature film, THE MILLER PREDICTION, was released this week and is now available for viewing via several streaming services including iTunes and Amazon Prime Video, and several cable companies. Go to The Miller Prediction | William Miller predicted that the world would change in 1844. The world thought nothing had happened. The world was wrong. for information.

Cyrus Parvini of Radiant Century Productions is the producer of THE MILLER PREDICTION. The film uses the genre of historical fiction.

The Rev. William Miller led the Millerite religious movement that believed in the Second Coming of Christ in 1844. When the event did not occur as expected, the emotional and religious letdown was called the Great Disappointment.

Had Miller been wrong? No. He simply had the wrong continent!

The Spirit of Christ did return in 1844! THE MILLER PREDICTION is a global proclamation of the Baha'i Faith.

THE MILLER PREDICTION is a self-financed project of personal initiative and deserves all the support that can be given to it. If you are knowledgeable about promotion through social media and can help in this area, please contact Cyrus Parvini at

The References section on the website is under construction at this moment and will be completed in about one week.
Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
Thank you for that, have been visiting the web site for some time waiting for the DVD as do not have the download to watch movie online. They say it will be available soon.

Regards Tony
Aug 2014
Blue Planet
thank you so much for the information Eileen.
there is also another new movie (it is not yet on Youtube or anywhere else, but it will come soon) about the life of a Baha'i family in Iran. it is a very beautiful movie. the name is "the family of too many" by Mrs. Rezaie.
Dec 2012
A timely post as we are witnessing a number of small movie productions underway at this time. This has been fuelled through the advent of digital technology, open electronic publication and a greater access to crowd funding as opposed to venture capital. So budgets are not as prohibitive as they once were for small productions.

Here is the link to Family of Too Many that Maryamr has informed us about familyoftoomany This is crowdfunded and anyone wishing to donate can do so here as they are now very close to reaching their target familyoftoomany

Here is the Bahá'í link to Mercy's Blessing that will soon be available for general release Film on education and love inspires audiences around the world - Bahá'í World News Service

Unfortunately the website for the planned movie entitled Mona's Dream has lapsed and this suggests this film might not transpire any time soon. However here is an early version that was made to accompany a musical track made in honour of her memory. It was produced in 1985. While it is clearly dated do understand that the singer is dressed in the red beret of a Guardian Angel. This is an organisation dedicated to protecting citizens and children from harm in the public environment. So his dress needs to be viewed in context with the subject matter in hand

Hopefully we will witness an expansion of Bahá'í inspired movies over the years ahead.

May 2013
forest falls california
Miller debut in LA

I got to see the Miller Prediction in its debut in Los Angeles. It was good to see and everyone liked it.
It was quite simple and obviously on a low budget, but I think it will be a classic for the Baha'is as an early film.