Baha'i Mystical teachings

Sep 2012
...If their were no roadblocks to or challenges to overcome then there would be no spiritual growth through tests of adversity and then what would be the point of FAITH? ;)
--or anything else. Another way of paraphrasing that idea is "if it were too easy it wouldn't be fun."
...There is no confusion Mystiscism is derrived from studying the mystries of life and ones relation and place in the universe and one who studies them a mystic.:yes:
If we're together here what I'm seeing is that tech/mechanical things are orderly and nice but the truly important things are rife w/ paradoxes. Laughter is necessary for a life worth living and sex is mandatory for the survival of humanity, yet trying too hard to be sexy ends up being a turn off and few things are more sad than someone struggling to be funny. Ah, one more: one of the quickest ways we can help ourselves to be happy is through focusing on the well being of others.

Bottom line, while we walk the spiritual path w/ practical feet we find that existence w/o facing spiritual realities is simply not practical.

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