Jun 2014
Mobile-friendly, modern design, easy to read font and color choices, gives all the most information on the main page in a clear yet concise way.

The "Contact Us" section is a bit clunky in size. Seems like if a relatively simple change was made to make that section collapsible until it was needed for use, the appearance of the front page would improve.

It's also a tad weird that the "Beliefs" and "Contact Us" parts of the navbar link back to the homepage.

Community page tells you everything necessary, including a location for the dates of holy days (which is great, because I really need such a resource)

Overall a nicely designed site. :yes:
Oct 2011
What is ugly?
To one something is ugly, to another one sees all the beauty within.
I do not feel anything created by God is ugly.

Love to all bill
Sep 2011
Dear BlinkeyBill,
Tastes are different. I cannot convince you that something is ugly if you don’t see it yourself.
As for created by God… Well, I thought that websites were created by people. And some websites are created by people with clumsy hands and a bad taste.